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Adorable Date Night Inspired Photo Session From Mack Eveland

We love it when we come across a creative couple’s session that gives us a glimpse into a couple’s unique love story, and we’re excited to show you Natalie and Matt’s date night inspired photos! These two have a standing Tuesday night date night each week, so they had the brilliant idea to invite Austin wedding photographer Mack Eveland to third wheel their date and capture some oh-so-adorable photos of them just doing their usual thing. They started with pizza, then took a romantic stroll down South Congress and ended their night with ice cream cones that melted faster than they could eat them! This sweet couple is the real deal, and we just love this idea! Thanks to Mack Eveland for capturing such a fun session!

Photos // Mack Eveland Photo

From Natalie: “We always laugh when we get asked how we met. I was with friends for an impromptu birthday happy hour at Contigo, and Matt was eating dinner at the bar solo. We kept making eyes from across the bar when I would go up to get a drink, but neither of us had made any move. When it was finally time for my party to move on, my friends gave me a pep talk, and I said ‘screw it!’ and wrote my name and number on a card and made my way over to the bar. I was so nervous! I tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned around all I could say was ‘I have to go’ and set the card down on the bar and turned away. He grabbed my hand and said, ‘Wait! What’s your name?’ and the rest is history. We had our first date at Whistlers and totally hit it off. We’ve been dating ever since!”

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