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Christy + Taylor

Photos: Camilla Kaiser Photography


Christy + Taylor

From Photoshoot To Surprise Proposal


Taylor and I met in our doctorate of physical therapy program in 2018. I always laugh thinking about how my UT grad cap had the “Single, Taken…PT School” meme on it because I was so excited to have been accepted into the program, and yet, I met Taylor and started dating him a month into our program. I’ve always felt like love finds you when you’re least expecting it and I certainly had no intentions of meeting someone on the first day of our orientation haha. Anyways, 3.5 years and a degree later, Taylor popped the question in the most fitting way possible! I model part-time and my photographer friend, Alexis, asked me to model some dresses for an online bridal boutique (I’ve done bridal before, so nothing out of the ordinary for me). I happily said yes because I love her work and we plan a morning shoot at Laguna Gloria. After about 15 minutes of shooting, Alexis tells me she wants to shoot under a gazebo she saw online and we ask a few people where to find it and make our way to the gazebo. Because I kept my heels on during this search, Alexis had me sit on a bench while she went ahead to make sure the gazebo was there, and after a few minutes she came back for me and told me to head towards the gazebo and that she’d grab my bag and catch up. As I was staring at my feet thinking about maintaining my balance on the pebble walkway, I looked up and saw Taylor dressed nicely, smiling nervously, and roses around the gazebo. I knew exactly what was going on, not because of the romantic setting and rose petals, but because Taylor was actually dressed up for once and he looked great! Of course, I immediately started tearing up, feeling happy and shocked. I do not remember a single word he said to me because the world was spinning, but I ecstatically said yes, our families came out to join us shortly after, and now we’re just weeks away from our wedding! What I loved the most about his proposal was that it was a complete surprise! Taylor never gets anything past me, so, the fact that I had absolutely no clue what was going on and he was able to have my friend and our families there is what made this a very special and memorable moment in our lives.




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