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Cayla & David Cummings’ Carnival Shoot with Mylah Renae Photography


Come one, come all to Cayla and David’s carnival shoot with Mylah Renae PhotographyThis adorable photo shoot had us at carnival, but the meaning behind this specific location captured our hearts. These two lovebirds might look familiar as they are the husband and wife duo behind Carhart Photography. The couple met when Cayla was seventeen. At the time, Cayla traveled with her parents as they owned and operated concession stands at various carnivals around the country. As Cayla and David began getting to know each other, the fair season started, which meant it was time for Cayla to leave town for several months. 

For three months, the two continued to remain friends and text daily, hoping they would reunite one day. At last, when Cayla’s parents lost an employee, she casually suggested that her friend David could conveniently fill the place. David flew from Texas to Montana to spend the rest of the fair season traveling and working with Cayla and her family. It all happened under the carnival lights, from their first summer to their first kiss, to their first “I love you.” The carnival will always have a special place in the couple’s hearts. 

The carnival pictured in Cayla and David’s photoshoot is The Mighty Thomas Carnival, one of Cayla’s favorite carnivals since she was three years old. Cayla said, “The carousel, the balloon ride, and the midway map the footsteps of my childhood, and I spent hours of my life enjoying them. In true coming-of-age evolution, I loved it as a kid, kind of hated it as a teen, and miss it all the time now. Therefore, this session means a lot to me because while most people feel nostalgia for their hometown, this is mine.” 

Cayla and David’s contagious smiles and love for one another shine through each photo Mylah Renae Photography captured. Our hearts are completely swooning over the images of the couple on the Ferris wheel with their playful smiles. You don’t want to miss all the photos Mylah Renae Photography captured below. Therefore, grab some cotton candy because we grant you free admission to witness the magic inside Cayla and David’s shoot below. 

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