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Bridal Beauty Tips from Simply Organic Salon


Beauty insight for the big day is on every bride’s mind, so we sat down with the team at Simply Organic Salon & Spa to bring you the 411 on the latest bridal beauty tips and trends! We loved hearing what the S.O.S team had to say:

What makeup trends are you excited about for this year?
Great skin is always in! This year it’s taking center stage at NYC fashion week runways. This year is softer more natural makeup. No cake face allowed! Rather opt for a more natural flushed glowing skin and a pop of color on your lips.

To achieve the look, try a light foundation with a soft matte finish that allows the skin to shine through. Jane Iredale’s BB cream is our go-to foundation to achieve this look. Apply only where needed. You can also use a tinted moisturizer if you don’t require much coverage. Spot conceal for additional coverage. A little highlighter strategically placed on your face, soft pink or peachy hues well blended on the cheeks and a pop of color on the lips is all you need.

What hair trends are you excited about for in 2017?
It’s all about the romantic waves and soft, touchable updo’s this year. Braids are still a big trend but nothing too fussy or overdone. Rather opt for touchable hair or chic, simple, smooth updo’s.

What advice do you have for a bride trying to find the right look for her day?
This is your day, and all eyes are on you. Why not leave it in the hands of a professional to perfect your look? I always recommend doing a trial run and wearing it for a day to see how you feel and how well it wears.

Oftentimes brides see a look that they like and never do a trial. When the big day comes, they have this vision of what they want, but because they have never tried it, they can sometimes be disappointed. Be realistic when picking your beauty look. Faces and hair come in all shapes and sizes, and not all things are achievable on everyone.

What should brides do to prepare for their wedding?
Again all eyes are on you. Take time for yourself and most importantly your skin. We always recommend starting a skin routine designed for your skin type along with monthly facials to let your inner beauty shine through.

When it comes to hair, take the time to do weekly deep conditioning treatments and regular trims to ensure your healthiest hair possible. Wait until the week of your wedding for any type of color retouching and avoid making any drastic hair changes two months prior to your wedding. If you are wearing hairpieces, make sure you take them to your hair stylist to have him or her match them to your hair color and texture.

What beauty product should every bride have?
A must for all brides is moisturizer, moisturizer, moisturizer. I can not emphasize how important it is for proper skin health. Even oily skin requires a daily moisturizer. It preps the skin for the healthy glow that all brides want.

Mascara is also a must. Even if you do not wear makeup, mascara does wonders! It opens the eyes up giving you a more refreshed, youthful look, elongates the lashes and makes your eyes pop. When choosing a mascara, always opt for a non clumping dark color.

Any other insider tips you have for brides-to-be?
Make sure to have a touch up kit on your big day. We always include one for our brides!