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Bridal Beauty Tips from flAir Style Lounge

Every bride wants flawless hair and makeup on her wedding day, so we’re bringing you all of the beauty tips from flAir Style Lounge!


What trends are you noticing for the summer?

Austin’s summer brides have been staying on trend with requests for youthful hair and makeup looks. Hair trends seem to be very loose and romantic with a look of undone elegance. Popular ways to beat the heat include half up styles to keep hair away from the face, or side swept styles to keep hair off the back of the neck.

The most popular makeup trend for brides this summer has to be flawless, radiant skin with a natural flushed glow. Heavy contouring can come across as a harsh look, so instead, brides are opting for a rosy cheek, a light dusting of bronzer just where the sun naturally hits, and a soft shimmer highlighter in just the right places.

What advice do you have for a bride trying to find the right look for her day?

A trial run is the best way to try out the look you want, or you think you want. However, it helps to do your homework before your trial to narrow down your options. Pinterest and other searches are helpful, but going through pictures that you have of yourself can also be a great place to start. By showing your stylist and makeup artist photos that you already like of yourself, it helps them to see how you see yourself and gets everyone on the same page. From those photos, you can take it up a notch, or ten! You want to look like yourself and feel like the best version of yourself on your wedding day.

How can a bride help her makeup stay put for the entire event and withstand the Texas heat?

At flAir Style Lounge, we really love airbrush foundation to insure a long lasting makeup look. The silicon based foundation that is our weapon of choice is formulated to last 12+ hours and is very lightweight while still providing a flawless finish. Make sure you consult with your makeup artist, and make sure they are well trained with airbrush makeup and can explain to you the benefits of the formulas that they prefer to use.

Properly prepping the face with a balancing toner and having a fine translucent powder on hand to blot away the occasional break through shine are very helpful as well.

What beauty product should every bride own?

For hair, every bride should find a great hairspray. It’s a must have for every woman, not just the brides out there. The days of Aquanet and helmet hair are long gone, and today’s hairsprays can be so multifunctional. You want to look for something lightweight and buildable. “This is a Medium Hairspray” by Davines is a go to in our arsenal of styling products. It has great memory, dries quickly without leaving residue, and can be layered to help increase volume. Bonus: It smells amazing!

For makeup, a great liquid lipstick will help any bride get through all of the social responsibilities that come with the bling. Liquid lipsticks have a staying power that will last through every event from the engagement party to the bachelorette party and even on the big day. There are lots of formulas out there, so find the formula and shade that works best for you. We think Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in “Lolita” is a good place to start. Tip: If you find liquid lipsticks drying or want a little more shimmer, add your favorite lip gloss just to the center of your top and bottom lips. It will make your lips look larger and keep your color from traveling outside your lip line.

Any other helpful hints for the brides to be?

If you are thinking of trying something new or making any changes, do it early. This could be anything from a new skin care regimen to a new hair color. We suggest making any of the changes at least three months before your wedding day. There are lots of reasons… Of course if something goes wrong: the facial breaks your skin out, the bangs are just too short, etc., you have a little time to get things back to normal. However, even if you love the changes, the three months gives you a chance to live in the changes and really feel like the new look is the real you by the time the wedding day arrives. You will also actually look like the same person in your pictures from your bridal showers, parties and events leading up to your big day! We also highly suggest talking to your hairstylist or makeup artist about any changes you are thinking about. It helps to have a professional to bounce ideas off of, and the pros tend to know all the best kept secrets and recommendations in the business. It’s what we do after all!