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Austin Hair and Makeup Artists My Style Team

Every bride wants to look her best on the big day, so we sat down with Austin hair and makeup artists My Style Team for all the insider tips!

Austin Hair and Makeup Artists My Style Team

What beauty trends are you noticing for the summer?
In the high heat days of summer, we’ve been noticing a preference for the au naturel, sun-kissed, could-be-at-home-on-the-beach look. That means big beachy waves, bronzers, nude lips and highlighted cheeks.

What advice do you have for a bride trying to find the right look for her day?
Inspiration can come from anywhere! Collect pictures from magazines, Pinterest, wedding blogs… most brides will choose a look that is similar to their daily look, but slightly enhanced. So when you look back on the pictures it truly represents you at that time in your life. And very importantly, trial everything! Something that looks good in a picture might look very different on your skin tone. It’s important to do a trial before the big day with your makeup artist so you can make sure the look is what you really want and avoid any wedding day surprises.

How can a bride help her hair stay put for the entire event, and withstand the Texas heat?
It’s true, Texas heat and exuberant dancing can wreak havoc on bridal hair! You’ll get the best results with two day old hair that’s been prepped well in advance (blow dried or straightened). It’s counter-intuitive, but squeaky clean hair is harder to work with and is more likely to slip out of pins. In addition, the day of your event your stylist should use a product that will give your hair the texture it needs to hold curls (we like Chi Iron Guard), and a humidity fighting hair spray to lock in the look.

What beauty product should every bride have?
Waterproof mascara!

Any other helpful beauty tips for brides-to-be?
Bring an emergency kit that contains: a mini mirror, hairspray, bobby pins, deodorant, mini blotters, facial tissue, and the lip color that you’re wearing. In case you want to touch up, it’s helpful to have these beauty essentials handy!