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6 Austin Entertainment Vendors for a Nuptial Night You’ll Never Forget

Choosing the right wedding entertainment vendors can seem pretty much impossible when there are so many options out there! From live bands and string quartets to one-person orchestras and mobile DJs, there is truly something out there for every wedding style and crowd. To make it a little easier, we have compiled six of our fabulous favorites in Austin wedding entertainment that are sure to make your nuptial night unforgettable. Slip on your dancing shoes and read on to find the perfect vendor for your event!


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Wall of Sound Productions

Wall of Sound knows that it’s less about playing good music and more about playing the right song at the right time! They’ll play the song that was playing when you first met, the best songs from your college days, your college fight song and all the favorite songs and artists that you, your family and friends love to complement the new, heartfelt memories you are creating on your wedding night. With 30 plus years of experience in the industry, Wall of Sound Productions is more than capable of making any event a memorable one. They even have a photo booth too!

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Royal Dukes Band

If a typical, cheesy wedding band doesn’t sound like your style, then the Royal Dukes Band is for you! The Royal Dukes Band not only plays a wide variety of styles tailored to your tastes, but they also play like no other band in town to personally ensure that your dance floor is jumping all night! They pride themselves on knowing just what to play, and when to play it. Every song from the start of the day until you drive away together as a married couple can be tailored especially for you, or leave it all up to them if you’d prefer.

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Pour Vous Entertainment Group

Pour Vous has a team of DJs & MCs who ensure every event is tailored to fit your specific entertainment needs. With over 100,000 songs in their music library, every event can be curated to meet you and your significant other’s musical taste. Pour Vous also has carefully vetted, talented professionals that provide lighting, photo booths, silent disco services and much more! Talk about industry pros!

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Dart Collective

Dart’s team includes numerous live musicians and performers, all with the same simple goal of offering a more customized and personal approach to music curation at weddings and special events. Their passion is music, and they will do anything to ensure your good time – whether that means digging through vinyl crates for that one song you have to have in your wedding or customizing a repertoire list for one of their bands to flawlessly perform.

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Hype Rhythm

Hype Rhythm combines the mixing skills, emceeing and song selection abilities of a professional DJ, with the energy, rhythm and entertainment of a live drummer! Proficient in every genre and generation of music types, Hype is the perfect fit for couples who want an unforgettable and amazing dance party.

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Plush Party Band

Consider the intimate ambiance that live music can bring to a wedding. Plush Party Band knows how to make your reception a memorable one with their dynamic stage chemistry, fantastic musicianship, impressive technical production and choreographed light show. Plush Party Band is a true variety band, playing music from today’s hits all the way back to jazz standards from the 1940’s, catering to all ages and demographics.

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Ensure that your wedding is the life of the party and explore even more jumping Austin entertainment vendors here. Happy planning!

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