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Ashley + Adrian

Photos // Caitlin Rose Photography

Ashley + Adrian

A Machu Picchu Mountaintop Proposal

October 2019: Adrian and I had a trip planned to Machu Picchu for several months. We’re really into outdoor adventures and love to travel. Little did I know this was going to be the GREATEST one yet! Days before, while packing, he told me not to bring anything valuable and to pack only comfortable clothes to hike in. My heart sighed because we had been together for over two years and again I felt it wasn’t going to be “the trip.” I expressed my impatience to all of my friends, and they all laughed knowing that I would just have to continue waiting. Adrian has always been the man of my dreams, and I absolutely knew I wanted to marry him. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary during the upward climb of the mountain. I remember the true green grass, the altitude catching my breath, the sunshine radiating through the clouds and a true feeling of peacefulness. We stopped at the top of the mountain to take pictures and asked the guide if he could get one of us together. It started with us facing the peak of the Sacred Valley and suddenly as we turned back around, I felt his hand squeeze mine. Before I knew it, Adrian was down on one knee! Adrian is not a man of many words, and him expressing his love for me and asking for my hand in marriage was by far the most special moment of my life.