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Rose Karnes and Andrew Gholson’s Whimsical Romantic Austin Wedding from Feather & Twine

Set in a dreamy outdoor greenhouse space, Rose and Andrew’s Austin wedding was whimsical and oh-so-romantic. Each and every detail was perfected by Modern Whimsy Events along with some amazing Austin wedding vendors. Thanks to Feather and Twine Photography for capturing all the loveliness!

Photos // Feather and Twine Photography

Rose and Andrew met in college while they were both studying theater. After catching each other’s eye for a whole semester, it took Rose casting Andrew in a play she was directing for them to really connect. Weeks of rehearsals allowed their friendship to develop until the pair went on their first date. That night, they realized the friendship and love they had stumbled upon. When it was time for the proposal, Rose traveled home to visit her family. Andrew was supposed to accompany her but instead he, unknowingly to Rose, stayed behind to plan the proposal. After some time apart Rose couldn’t wait to get home to Andrew and booked the earliest flight. Andrew was very nervous and decided the night before that he couldn’t wait until the dinner he had planned to pop the question. As Rose got off her bumpy flight, she raced to the baggage claim to find Andrew waiting and holding a sign with her name on it. When he flipped the sign over, it read, “Will you marry me?” Rose was completely surprised! They ended the celebration at the restaurant where Andrew had originally planned to propose!