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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Transportation

There are so many steps to planning a wedding. Some of the logistical details are easy to overlook! Planning wedding transportation to and from your ceremony and reception sites is one you can’t afford to miss. Guest parking is another. We’ve partnered with a few amazing local vendors to who are ready to provide the best service and ensure a smooth ride through your big day – Read on!

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Transportation

Photos // Elisa Lopez Photography

Who needs transportation?

The first people to headcount for are you, your partner, the wedding party, and close family. Close family can include but isn’t limited to parents, grandparents, and siblings not in the wedding party. A limousine typically holds six people, a stretch limo holds around 10, and vans can hold anywhere between 8 to 20 people. We highly recommend not completely filling the car to accommodate for random wedding items and providing extra space for your party. An important person to not forget a spot for is your photographer! Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on those candid shots in the car.

While it is generous to provide transportation for your guests, this isn’t necessary. The most important thing that matters is ensuring your guests make it home safely that night. If you’re wanting to help your guests without booking additional transportation, include some travel tips on your website on the easiest ways to get to and from the ceremony and reception. Providing a cab company’s number or encouraging everyone to download a ride-sharing app can be the simplest ways to encourage your guests to travel safely. If transportation for guests is included in your budget, we recommend asking if the hotel or venue offers a shuttle service. If you’re wanting to take the unique route, rent a souped-up school bus for all your guests to pile into.

Where to and from?

Going to the chapel and you’re…running late! Plan to arrive at the ceremony location at least 25 minutes early so that even if you’re running late, you’ll still be on time. The couple typically travels separately from the accommodations or getting ready location to the ceremony with their respective party in tow. A third car can be rented for the couple’s close family and older relatives. If your budget allows, the wedding party and family can ride in the same cars to the reception location. Planning who rides in which car will eliminate any confusion beforehand and allow things to run more smoothly. When leaving the ceremony, you and your new spouse are going to want to have your own private ride. This will allow time to take pictures after the ceremony, relax and spend some alone time together before the reception!

Car Swag Ideas

Like all great rom coms, you and your partner need a noteworthy getaway! So maybe you’re not riding into the sunset on a lawnmower but your vehicle should still be your dream ride. Are you and your partner being carried away on a romantic horse and buggy? Or are you zipping away on a two-wheel ride? Whichever vehicle best suits you, car “swag” is an essential! Have you ever gotten a rush of joy when you saw someone drive by with a “Just Married” sign and tin cans trailing behind? Leave with a bang by using these unique decor ideas for an epic getaway:

Valet Service

Parking situations for weddings are hardly ideal and most of the time overlooked. Consider having a valet service at your wedding to help your guests avoid unnecessary stress and long walks. This will (hopefully) help guests arrive on time or it can help avoid any parking mishaps. Valet services are all around easy for everyone!

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