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You’ll Have This Wedding Playlist from Dart Collective on Repeat

When it comes to choosing music for your wedding, Dart Collective is here to help you think outside the box and curate a set of songs that will not only capture the mood of the night, but get your guests up and moving! Forever obsessed with all things music but the first to admit they’re not elitists, the talented musicians and DJs at Dart Collective want to help you customize a set list that represents YOU. Need some ideas to get started? Take a listen to some of Dart’s all-time favorite love songs in the wedding playlist below. They shared with us a little about a few of these songs and why they’d also be the perfect choice for a first dance, so if you’re still trying to nail down a special song, be sure to read below!

Scroll down for the Spotify playlist and get ready to jam!

dart collective wedding playlist

Photo: Caroline Lima Photography

Dart Collective’s Ultimate First Dance Songs

Kendrick Lamar – “LOVE” (feat. Zacari)

A cross-genre masterpiece, this song fits so many moods and captures a perfectly intimate vibe for folks that want to look cool, but not too cool in front of their guests.

George Harrison – “If Not For You”

This is a cut from George’s solo record “This Too Shall Pass,” which came out only a few years after the Beatles broke up. While it’s technically a cover of a Bob Dylan original, Harrison’s version evokes that beautiful feeling of timelessness you feel around your partner. It’s also upbeat enough to keep folks smiling and moving.

Penny & The Quarters – “You & Me”

This is an old song that was discovered by crate-digging masters The Numero Group and made it’s way onto the soundtrack for the movie “Blue Valentine” in 2010. Despite its old-timey feeling, “You & Me” is a hauntingly beautiful piece that speaks volumes about love in its simple guitar strumming under three-part harmonies. Lyrically, it’s very straightforward – it’s one of those songs that feel familiar the first time you hear it.

Neil Young – “Harvest Moon”

Neil Young is a master songwriter and his classic hit remains at the top of his best work for good reason – it’s just a perfect song. It effortlessly represents the feeling of being in love (whether newly found or decades old) and is 100% guaranteed to bring happy tears to guests’ eyes.

Al Green – “Let’s Stay Together”

One cannot make a first dance list and not include this song. It’s groovy yet intimate, cutting lyrically yet understated emotionally. You can play this song at any point of the night and most guests will start smiling and moving along. Choosing it as your first dance amplifies the experience that much more.

Want Dart Collective to spin epic tunes like these at your wedding? Reach out to their team with a message via their Brides of Austin profile. Cheers!

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