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Wedding Makeup Tips from Austin Makeup Artist Cren de la Cren

Wedding Makeup Tips from Austin Makeup Artist Cren de la Cren

When the big day finally arrives, every bride wants to look her best! Today we’re getting the inside scoop on wedding makeup tips from Austin makeup artist Cren de la Cren, Beauty by Katherine Crenshaw. Check out Katherine’s helpful tips below and stay tuned to the blog as we share more beauty tips from local experts!

1. What beauty trends are you noticing for the summer?

For Spring/Summer I am noticing a ‘less is more’ approach in focusing to highlight one feature which is great considering it’s hot as heck outside, so minimal makeup is ideal! Cat eyes of any color or thickness, neutral shadows, pastel smokey or shimmery lids are all easy ways to make a statement eye. If you’d like to switch gears and focus on your cheeks or face, keeping a natural to beautifully bronzed face is a great start. If you’d like to add color, any hue of nude or pink has popped up all over the runways. A bold lip is one of my favorite looks year-round but in the Spring/Summer you can go as light or bright as you’d like. Some popular colors on trend are: red and cherry lips, pops of orange, plum and pastel pink just to name a few!

2. What advice do you have for a bride trying to find the right look for her day?

Trying to find the right look for your wedding day can be daunting! A Bridal Trial is key to finding what works for you. Matching your makeup to the style of your wedding dress is a great start to keep your look cohesive, keeping your location, and flowers and wedding colors in mind is also good to factor in. From there, gathering pictures on your phone in a folder or on an online board is extremely helpful. Pin, pull and save as many things as you’d like throughout planning and before your trial, edit. Something you loved could turn into something you loathe, but it does help you make decisions on your makeup. Share your ideas with your friends, family and makeup artist to get feedback. Keep an open mind! Pictures that you may bring it could mismatch your own features so don’t get discouraged if a color or style doesn’t quite work like it does in the picture, this is what a trial is for! Also, do what YOU are comfortable with. False lashes and silicon based airbrush makeup may look amazing in pictures, but you should try them before your big day! Wearing your trial makeup around for an evening with your fiancé, family or friends is great to see how it holds up throughout the night and to take notes on what you like/dislike and what you’d like to change. A great bridal look is looking like an enhanced version of yourself!

3. How can a bride help her makeup stay put for the entire event, and withstand the tears?

The right makeup helps! Urban Decay and MAC Cosmetics have incredible products that prime the skin, lips, face and eyes to keep makeup in place. Any waterproof makeup will help withstanding tears (or sweat in our Texas heat!)-some airbrush makeup is silicon based so it can withstand any kind of water! All of my brides get waterproof mascara because of its lasting power. Setting spray is one last step that brides can take to keep their makeup from smudging!

4. What beauty product should every bride have?

Urban Decay Primer Portion or MACs Prep+Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base, Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner or their Smudgeable Liner in Black or Brown, L’Oreal Waterproof Voluminous Mascara, and optional false lashes for eyes. MAC Face+Body if not airbrush foundation, some sort of lip+cheek stain to layer under lipstick and blush. You can use an array of lipsticks but some of my favorites include Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Rouge, Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Lip Stain and Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick. (Crest WhiteStrips are also fantastic!) Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier’s concealer with setting powder, and translucent setting powder are all essentials!

5. Any other helpful beauty tips for brides-to-be?

Don’t be shy to experiment but do so in due time before your big day. Like the way eyelash extensions look? Try them months and months before your wedding to avoid any hiccups. Trials help you narrow down colors and styles that you might not normally try, but your wedding isn’t a normal day! This is your special day so you should look special! The focus will be on you, so you should look and feel like you! Smile and enjoy your big day!