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Taylor + Travis


photo | Gloria Goode


The Tale of Two Ski-hearts

In 2017, we planned a New Year’s Eve skip trip with our friends. We both LOVE to be in the mountains and we LOVE to ski. On December 30th, we woke up and got to the mountain just as the lifts opened. We skied for an hour or two but after a few falls in the terrible snow conditions, we decided to take a break for a cup of coffee and a fireball shot to warm the belly (now I know that the fireball shot was to ease the nerves). The weather started getting pretty nasty and there were some insane winds coming in. We decided to ride the lift up and meet our friends for lunch at the top of the mountain. At that time, we learned that the mountain was closing because of the winds, so once we ski down that would be the last run of the day. We took our time and enjoyed our lunch (and another drink to ease the nerves). Our friend Nick suggested we go out to the deck and take a group picture – which was totally normal, I still had no clue. After the group picture, Nick offered to take a picture of Travis and I. Travis got on the table and told me to join because the view was better. The next thing I knew, Travis was down on one knee and I was in complete shock. After a few minutes, I remembered to say yes. After a few more pictures, I immediately gave the ring back to Travis because there was no way I was skiing down the mountain with that thing on! Afterwards, our friends welcomed us with a champagne toast at a nearby restaurant and we celebrated all night long!