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How to Stay Stress-Free on the Morning of your Wedding

Pre-wedding jitters? Have no fear! Our community manager and associate editor, Lauren, is sharing all her tips for preparing for a stress-free wedding morning!

How did you minimize stress the night before?

“The night before my wedding day my bridesmaids and I rented an airbnb that was super close to the venue so we would not have to wake up super early! It was really nice to be able to have everything packed in the car and everybody all in one place!”

Tips on starting the day right?

“I made sure we got there super early. We had breakfast for all of the girls and we were able to just relax and get ready for when hair and makeup started! It was really nice to have that extra time and not be stressed!”

How did your makeup artist help you relax?

“I had my makeup artist Carolyn get there and do my makeup and she let me do a face mask! It was a nice time to just be calm and take a breath!”

How did you stay organized?

“Before the wedding night, we made sure the car was all packed up with all the food, the drinks, all of the robes that we were going to be wearing, the bridesmaids dresses, and my dress! When we got to the venue we laid everything out so that it was organized and everybody knew where everything was!”

What are some ways brides can have a slow morning?

“Do things that make you happy! Have a cup of coffee or write in your journal if you have one! I actually wrote my vows the morning of my wedding, which might sound stressful but it was really nice getting to reflect over the relationship and think about how the ceremony was going to be!”

Who did you have present the morning of your wedding?

“The morning of my wedding in the bridal suite I had all of my bridesmaids getting ready with me! I had my mom, my grandma, and my soon-to-be mother in law! When you’re getting ready the morning of your wedding, it’s so important to make sure you’re surrounded by people that you love and that will keep you calm!”

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