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Celebrating Two Milestones: Getting Married During Graduation Season

Getting engaged close to graduation can seem overwhelming. From one season to the next, it feels like there is not enough time to celebrate what deserves to be celebrated! We are here to help you navigate celebrating both graduation and your engagement season. We have a few tips to help you enjoy both seasons simultaneously, while feeling like they are both getting equal attention!

Celebrating Two Milestones: Getting Married During Graduation Season

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Host Your Graduation Parties Together

Get your families together and have a grad party! Celebrate moving from this season to the next with all of your loved ones by your side. This is a fun way to reflect on your college memories and appreciate all of the things that led you to the next chapter. Pick a central location for families and friends to meet so they can all celebrate with you. Rep your college colors one more time and reminisce on all the fun memories before fully moving on to the next chapter!

Take Your Graduation Pictures Together

Dating and getting engaged during your college years is something sweet! Remember those special times by booking a photographer to take your graduation pictures together. You will have these pictures for years down the road, and could even use them for display at your wedding! Go to that first date spot in your college town wearing your cap and gown. You will have pictures that will last a lifetime and help you reflect on that season years down the road.

Still “Date” Your Future Spouse

Tackling graduation and engagement season can be busy and a bit hectic! From grad parties to wedding planning, time for each other may seem sparse. Remember to make time for your fiancé. Set weekly dates together where you and your fiancé get quality time, free of the distraction. Make sure you are being intentional with this time. It can be a big date, or something small. Pick something you both enjoy doing together to help the two of you be on the same page and in tune with how each of you are feeling!

Lean On Your Friends While They are Close

A great benefit of getting engaged in college is that all of your girlfriends who have watched your relationship progress are right there! Lovingly use them as a resource to manage your busy schedule, emotions and wedding planning. Spend time with them and continue to make memories before you all go your separate ways. Don’t cut this season short while you still have time! Be present with your girls and celebrate with them.

Be Present and Be Proactive

Often when we have a lot on our plate we tend to always be thinking about the next thing on our to-do list. Purchase a planner and take it one day at a time, soaking it all in. From graduation parties, to friends getting engaged, to your own wedding planning, your planner will be full! Every day pencil in a reminder to be present at each thing. These two big seasons are ones you don’t just want to skate through. Embrace the busy season by being extra proactive in your planning.

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