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Style School | Defining Your Wedding Design

Your wedding design is so much more than just all the pretty details that compromise the decor of your wedding – design is also a mood, feeling and personality that you give your wedding day! If you’re stuck between deciding one design style over the other for your big day, or if you’re unsure how to mix two styles together that you love, we’ve got all the insight from Lovely Day Events to help you in the process. From looking at your own personal fashion sense to starting the design planning by selecting a venue to creating the perfect mood board, this lesson in style school is sure to answer any questions you may have about defining your ideal wedding design! Scroll to read all of the expert advice from Lovely Day Events for advice for when it comes time to define the design for your wedding day. Happy planning!

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Style School | Defining Your Wedding Design

What tips do you have for couples who are not sure about what design style suits them?

I always encourage couples who do not have a vision to start with their venue and season! Seasons and venues will have certain parameters and design needs to work off of. If you have booked an outdoor venue in the Hill Country, you’ll likely be drawn to nature and its surroundings and will have complimentary florals and appropriate linens. A large hotel ballroom will naturally have more need for special lighting and taller centerpieces to fill the space. I also ask couples about inspires them individually – art, poetry, music, camping, nature, food or music – or if they share a love of something together.

For couples who embrace two different styles, where do you start in creating a visually cohesive design?

Style is really just a combination of inspiration from different eras, designers and mashups, so it can be fun to blend those elements. I encourage couples to select one theme or inspiration as their main focal point, then add a few fun and contrasting statement pieces. Too many differing elements ends up competing instead of unifying. 

From rentals to fashion, what makes a successful design mashup?

The overall goal with design is to be able to stand back and see the design as a whole. Do the colors all work well? If there are patterns, do they work well and not clash? Are there too many types of wood? Does everything make sense and is consistent for the level of formality? The rentals, fashion and all of the design elements should make sense in regard to your overall design and event goals.

What are your tips for creating a mood board?

I like to have the couple start by selecting colors, flowers, photographs, art and magazines off of Pinterest. Typically, I see themes running throughout what they have selected, and I try to look for the commonalities and focus in on what they like. I then discuss their photos with them and ask questions about why they like those details, what they like overall and why they selected the particular photos. We settle on colors and a theme and then create a mood board that incorporates fashion, hair and makeup, venue, florals, colors and rentals. There is something about seeing everything laid out on one page that really brings the big picture together – you can see what will and won’t work. It’s a process of brainstorming and elimination!

A special thank you to Kierstin Schupack from Lovely Day Events for sharing her insight on how to define your wedding design! Visit Lovely Day Events’ Brides of Austin vendor profile to see all the incredible services they offer for your celebration. Cheers!

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