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Why You Absolutely Need to Prep Your Skin Before Your Wedding

We know wedding planning can be intense and even stressful at times, but there is one beauty step that absolutely every bride should avoid overlooking in the days leading up to your wedding. That step is skin prep, and trust us, it can make a whole world of difference.

Why You Absolutely Need to Prep Your Skin for Your Wedding

Photo Courtesy of Skin Savvy Medical Aesthetics and Laser Center

Whether you are acne-prone or see clear skies ahead, your skin will benefit from a relaxing reset and your body will enjoy the still peace of slowing down for a few hours in the name of self-care. Additionally, it can assure your face is the perfect, smooth canvas for wedding makeup application, no matter if you’re doing your bridal beat yourself or hoping to optimize your look created by a beauty professional.

Some facial package options require you to begin treatment six months in advance for maximum results while others require at least three. Lucky for us though, local clinic Skin Savvy Medical Aesthetics and Laser Center have come out with the perfect solution for those wanting to treat themselves that can’t commit to recurring appointments – their new “Brides of Austin” Bridal Aesthetics Package! Located just 15 minutes from downtown Austin, it has never been more convenient to get your skin looking flawless. This package includes a Photofacial treatment that will address superficial pigment, sun damage, redness as well as stimulate collagen and elastin. Next, the Skin Savvy’s Signature Hydrafacial will be performed, which simultaneously cleanses, exfoliates and infuses the skin with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients and results in beautifully hydrated, resurfaced, glowing skin! Finally, a Botox treatment will get you looking refreshed and relaxed by targeting frown and forehead lines as well as give you a widely-beloved brow lift. Carefully designed to be completed in just one day and fit even the busiest schedules, Skin Savvy’s “Brides of Austin” package will have you glowing with radiance on your big day!

Book your appointment, see more details or explore even more of their bridal facial package options here and thank us later. Cheers!

Connect with local vendor Skin Savvy Medical Aesthetics and Laser Center here, or find a talented beauty professional here to style you on your wedding day. Cheers!

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