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Personal Details that Add Meaning to Your Wedding Day

Personal details are essential to creating a memorable, unique wedding experience. Without you and your partner, your wedding would be exactly like everyone else’s! The two of you should take the time to choose some special elements that reflect on who you are as individuals, as well as who you are as a couple! This blog is a great resource for any couple looking to incorporate meaningful, personal details into their wedding day!

personal wedding day details

Photos // Mylah Renae Photography

Reflect on Your Memories Together

Oh, this part is so fun! Look through the photos, valentine’s cards and notes, the not-so-great Christmas gifts that made you cry from laughter and all the tangible memorabilia you have. A great place to display these things at is your rehearsal dinner. Have a friend create a video for guests to enjoy or scatter photos around the tables – don’t forget to include the story behind each photo! Either way, guests will get a special glimpse into your relationship and feel extra excited to celebrate your marriage!

Purposefully Pick Your Venue

Does your hometown mean something special to you? Or maybe, you’re known as the wanderlust couple, traveling all around the world together. The location of your wedding is such an obvious personal detail, people often forget about how much meaning the decision of where to host can hold. People travel from all over to see you and your spouse tie the knot, so make sure your venue is something special that you can’t wait to share with everyone attending. You can even send guests home with a favor that reminds them of your wedding venue like a custom button, art print or another favor local to the region.

Reflect Who You Are

When coming up with personal details to include in your wedding day, you probably thought of this one first. What are the hobbies and special characteristics about yourself that make other people think about YOU? That’s definitely something you want to take into consideration when planning your personal details. Are you a certified diver? Do you spend your weekends golfing? Gardening? Walking your dog? Trying the latest and greatest new restaurants in town? Watching movies and studying IMDB like you’re being tested on it? Whatever it is that makes you nerd-out and feel completely bubbly while talking about – THAT is the thing you must include in your wedding day scheme in some way, shape or form! The menu, cakes, floral design, gown, stationery (we’ll go into detail on this in a bit), place settings, chair style, lighting, ceremony style and basically every other part of your day can be personalized to reflect who you are.

Choose Special Music

We’ve got a lot of music buffs on the Brides of Oklahoma team, so this is a personal detail near and dear to our hearts. Music moves people and can easily translate what kind of couple you are to your guests. I don’t mean to say that as a warning, but to encourage you to choose tunes that make you feel good. And, if you don’t know what kind of music you’d like to play, we’ve got you covered. Check out all of our great Spotify playlists here!

Create a Personal Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags are a fun personal detail that’s been trending for a few years now. These personalized hashtags make it easy to find guests images from your wedding via social media and also serve as a catchy phrase your bridal party will never stop saying. EVER. So, choose wisely!

The Big One: Stationery

A no-brainer personal detail, your wedding invitation suite holds all of the details for your wedding day and more! Your names, the event location, your families names, the weekend itinerary, reply card, envelope liner and other inserts can all be personalized to reflect who you are as a couple. Choosing a fantastic stationery expert to design and print your pieces will be key here!


Don’t stress out about overloading your day with these personal details. Most of the decisions you make will naturally add personality and uniqueness to your day, just from you being you and having your own preferences and opinions during the wedding planning process. However, if you are feeling overwhelmed We hope that we were able to help you come up with some personal detail ideas of your own! Happy wedding planning!

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