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Here’s What Each Enneagram Type Is Like As a Bride

One of the trends we’ve loved most throughout 2020 – all the hype surrounding the Enneagram! More than a personality test, the Enneagram gives insight into not just who you are, but why you are the way that you are, and how you can improve your relationships with yourself, loved ones, and your significant other. Haven’t explored the Enneagram yet? There are tons of free tests and resources available online worth checking out.

As a bride, knowing your Enneagram type can be helpful for you to recognize and anticipate stressors during the planning process and problem-solve in a way that suits you best. We had fun putting together these Enneagram Bride descriptors – enjoy!

Bride enneagram

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Type 9 as a Bride: The Peacekeeper

May struggle with: Letting others’ opinions carry more weight than your own. Not voicing your preferences or concerns to your vendors.

Try this: Be nice to yourself! It’s your day and you have the right to say no. Be willing to stand up for the aspects that mean the most to you.

Type 8 as a Bride: The Activist

May struggle with: Letting little things become big things. Allowing your passionate spirit to become stressful to yourself and others.

Try this: Simmer down, friend! Give someone close to you permission to keep you in check.

Type 7 as a Bride: The Life of the Party

May struggle with: Wanting to focus on the fun aspects of planning while avoiding making tough decisions. Expecting everyone to share your same level of excitement.

Try this: Meditate. Take some time to relish in the solitude. There will be plenty of time to enjoy the party later on!

Type 6 as a Bride: The Realist

May struggle with: Being confident in your own decisions. Devoting too much time thinking about other options after a choice has already been made.

Try this: Be confident in your choices and try to take compliments at face value! Once a decision has been made, move along and don’t dwell on the what-ifs.

Type 5 as a Bride: The Analyst

May struggle with: Feeling anxious during the inevitable periods of waiting. Holding unrealistic communication expectations with vendors. Stressing about the budget.

Try this: Be okay with uncertainty. ‘I don’t know’ is an acceptable answer. Don’t fret about not having everything nailed down.

Type 4 as a Bride: The Daydreamer

May struggle with: Imagining and wishing for elements beyond your budget. Fretting over aspects of the day not coming together exactly as you envisioned.

Try this: Be realistic. Don’t fantasize about your wedding day. It likely won’t be perfect and that’s okay!

Type 3 as a Bride: The Multitasker

May struggle with: Taking on too many tasks at once. Dealing with subsequent planning burnout and apathy. Wanting to get it all done yourself, and quickly.

Try this: Take a timeout. Take time to breathe, be quiet and restore balance. Ask for help and delegate.

Type 2 as a Bride: The Helper

May struggle with: Not holding friends and vendors accountable. Dismissing mistakes that need to be addressed.

Try this: Prioritize self care. Ask for help and don’t put your own needs in last place.

Type 1 as a Bride: The Inner Critic

May struggle with: Putting pressure on yourself and your wedding day to look a certain way. Critiquing and stressing over things that are small in the scheme of things.

Try this: Be nice to yourself. Ignore your inner critic and try not to fixate too much on the little things.

No matter your type, remember to take advantages of the resources Brides of Austin has to help you! From local wedding vendors in every category a bride could need to inspiration and advice galore on our blog, we’ve got you covered!

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