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This Pastel-Tinted Wedding is Full of Traditional Elements

Jin and Ian made promises of forever with a pastel-tinted wedding! The beautiful couple was surrounded by family and friends from all over for their special day. Capturing the genuine and authentic moments of their day, April Mae Creative allowed them to have memories to look back on for the rest of their forever. Their reception was filled with fun music for their guests to jam out to and mouthwatering catering by Royal Fig Catering, making for an unforgettable pastel-tinted wedding!

Simplistic and traditional vibes are apparent in this pastel-tinted wedding to tie in perfectly with Jin’s favorite detail from the day. “I was born and raised in South Korea and my family flew in from Seoul. My mom gifted my future mother-in-law with a traditional Korean Hanbok, so both she and my mom wore their Hanboks to my wedding. It is traditional for the bride’s mother to wear red-pink tones, while the groom’s mother wears blue-greenish tones.” Not only did the neutral pink and muted earthy tones make for a beyond elegant wedding, but they executed Jin’s cultural traditions perfectly! Cheers to the Smith’s!

Photo // April Mae Creative

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