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Before I Do

Nancy + Taylor

by Brides of Austin

Photos // Gaby Deimeke

Nancy + Taylor

The Craigslist Search for Peacock Chairs

Where do I begin… My boyfriend Taylor and I just started a picnic business together called PrestigePicnics and had our first picnic booking on Saturday. I was so excited because my idea was actually coming to life! Little did I know that Taylor was freaking out because he had been planning the proposal for two weeks and wasn’t expecting a booking to happen this soon. We only had enough tables/decor for eight people so the two nights beforehand, he had to make extra picnic tables in our garage at 2 am without me knowing. He also had to secretly go into my amazon/target/walmart/ michaels/etc. accounts to order the same decor (poor guy!) for a larger picnic since he was having my friends and family come surprise me too. He had everything shipped to his brother’s house. Then, the trickiest part was getting me to dress up and go to the Sekrit Theater. I had told my client that I would take pictures for her picnic at noon when her fiancé came home (a surprise birthday picnic), but Taylor made a huge deal about how he was wanting to go scout out places for future picnics. I was like, “Why do we have to do this TODAY after our first picnic.? Can’t we just go another time?!” He said he had a surprise for me but would have to ruin it now since I was being stubborn. He said he found a Craigslist post for peacock chairs for $125 (they are normally $500) and that he had been emailing back and forth with the seller (Sekrit Theater). Apparently we had to get there between 12-12:20 to see the chairs. Little did I know that he had created a fake email account and fake Craigslist post of the chairs, and had emailed himself multiple times in order to show me the conversations. Obviously I was hooked because I had been dying to get a peacock chair, so I took the bait and skipped out on taking photos of our first picnic. Once we got to the Sektrit Theater, I was looking around for the peacock chairs and noticed the SAME EXACT SETUP as my picnic company and immediately thought omg someone copied my idea! Then I saw a photographer hiding in the bushes, so I started walking the other direction because I thought we were ruining someone’s surprise engagement! But once I turned around, Taylor was down on one knee and asked me to marry him. My first words were, “Are you for real?!” because I was so confused from before. Obviously I said yes! Then I asked if the peacock chairs were still a thing (haha). He said no. Then my family and friends came out of the school bus parked nearby. I was so happy that Taylor had gotten my future bridesmaids to drive in from Dallas and Houston. We had Salt Lick at the picnic table and had the best time! Then we went to Bouldin Acres where we met up with 10 of our other friends (also planned by Taylor!). It was seriously the best day ever! I feel so lucky to have such a thoughtful fiancé (even though I didn’t get a peacock chair)!