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Before I Do


by Katie Cohen


photo | Timothy and Ariana


Late Mother’s Approval

Chad proposed when we were visiting my Dad in my hometown, Jupiter Florida. My mom passed away 10 years ago from cancer so it’s always nice when I get to go home and see him. When we visit we always go by and visit my mom’s grave. We usually only go one time, but during our visit the day we went was rainy and we had some time to spare on the way to the airport so we made a quick stop. While we were there the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. We had a few moments together just chatting as we normally do about life and what we wanted to be doing 10-15 years from then. He then said he had to ask my mom something and asked her if it would be okay if he asked me to marry him. A giant burst of wind happened at that moment and all of the wind chimes in the tree behind us chimed. We cried and hugged at her sign of approval and then right there he got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. I was 100% surprised! I am so thankful he picked such a special heart warming spot and included her memory in such a special moment. Chad never got the chance to know my mom while she was here on earth but I’m certain she picked him and sent him my way. We got engaged in November and then had a trip already planned to New Zealand over Christmas and New Years so we took our engagement photos in Milford Sound, New Zealand! It was a magical (and very windy) day!