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Glamorous Outdoor Engagement Shoot from Mint Photography

Photos by Mint Photography

We are in love with the way Mint Photography captured Sarah and Nhan in this glamorous outdoor engagement shoot! Getting to take a peek at these beautiful photos is such a treat! The beautiful mix of architecture and greenery at Laguna Gloria created an absolutely perfect setting for the shoot. Keep reading to hear Sarah and Nhan’s adorable engagement story!

After graduating college, Sarah started working for her mother’s company until she went to graduate school. It was a very small office of around 10 people, and Nhan was the only other person there around her age. As funny as it is, they did not get along at first! After a few months, Sarah’s mother asked if there was something going on between her and Nhan. They both laughed at the thought of it! Little did they know they would end up falling in love.

On Sarah’s 29th birthday, Nahn took her out for a surprise dinner, and Sarah knew they were going to meet up with friends for celebratory drinks later that evening. Since they arrived a bit early for their reservation at The Grove, they went for a walk around Discovery Green Park. They were at opposite ends of the listening vessels, which allowed them to have an intimate conversation while being 70 feet away from each other. Nhan began reminiscing about their lives together, all the places they had traveled together and how they had grown closer as a couple since the first time they were at Discovery Green together. He then left his vessel to meet Sarah and knelt down on one knee. Sarah was so shocked she didn’t even notice the photographers hiding in the bushes! Needless to say, the happily engaged couple missed dinner because of their overflowing excitement.

Sarah and Nhan quickly devised a plan to surprise their friends at the bar. Sarah took off the engagement ring and walked into the bar like nothing life-changing had just happened. When they brought out the cake for Sarah, Nhan’s sister (who knew about the engagement) asked, “What do you wish for?!” Sarah exclaimed, “I want to get married!” Nhan then pulled out the ring and everyone burst into cheer.

Thanks to Mint Photography for sharing these lovely photos with us! Cheers to the happy couple!