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Form to Feeling | A Luxury Jewelry Experience in Austin

Looking for that perfect piece of custom jewelry to commemorate your love and to cherish forever? For couples seeking one-of-a-kind jewelry destined to become a family heirloom and designed in a completely custom, luxury environment, Kirk Root Designs is the place to be. Most jewelry stores define “custom” as choosing a diamond and a mounting. Some even allow you to alter prefabricated pieces slightly. At Kirk Root Designs, their philosophy is simple – they believe that each client should have the experience and options that are the best for them individually. To Kirk Root Designs, custom means that the product and experience should be both explicitly tailored to you. With a high level of education and expertise in the industry at your fingertips, you will decide together on the best way to create your perfect piece of jewelry. Even if that means creating something that currently only exists in your imagination. If you’re seeking something one-of-a-kind, Kirk Root Designs has the resources to bring your ideas to life. Create your piece locally or with artisans in leading jewelry houses nationwide.

kirk root designs luxury wedding jewelry

kirk root designs luxury wedding jewelry

Owner, designer and graduate gemologist Cub Root says, “We engage the world’s best designers, jewelers and purveyors of gems, bringing fine jewelry together in a way that nobody else has before. The goal is for the custom piece to stay in families for generations, ideally 100 or more years.” We love the sound of that!

“We celebrate the natural beauty of gems and what they represent for the wearer,” Cub says. “Our master craftsmen are committed to creating jewelry that captures the spirit of life’s most significant moments. Our unconstrained inventory and devotion to quality are unparalleled. From everyday wear to rare collectors articles, we are passionate about giving you jewelry the way it should be: unbounded.”

kirk root designs luxury wedding jewelry

kirk root designs luxury wedding jewelry


Finally, Cub notes, “We have a sincere appreciation for the beauty of the moments that you celebrate with jewelry. Our private setting allows us to focus our attention on you, providing a truly unmatched luxury experience.” Kirk Root Designs exists to give form to feeling, and they do it beautifully. Set an appointment today or check out their Brides of Austin vendor profile for more information!

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