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Love Really does Win with this Flash Mob Proposal

DeAndré Upshaw and Stuart Hausman’s surprise flash mob proposal video has us blown away! The impeccable planning that went into this improv dance party was nothing short of dramatic. This cute couple knew from the day they met that they were going to get married.

Our inner romantics were anxiously squealing as we watched this adorable, and tear-inducing, proposal unfold. Stu thought he was getting a fancy brunch with his boo, but instead, he got a ring, a twerking marching band, ribbon dancing, flag twirlers and confetti cannons. If this doesn’t scream #lovewins we don’t know what does. This proposal truly went the extra mile, and there certainly wasn’t a dry eye in the room. DeAndré wanted to propose to his boyfriend of six years on the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling same-sex marriage legal in their hometown of Dallas, Texas. DeAndré spent a total of four months gathering rainbow choir robes, organizing dance troupes and inviting all their friends and family to celebrate their special day alongside them. Every detail was planned to absolute perfection.

Love Really does Win with this Flash Mob Proposal

DeAndré chose the song “Closer” because it was a cross between their favorite things: fun pop and musical theater. We are swooning over the romance and thoughtfulness put into this proposal. Our favorite thing about this whole proposal was how much we could tell they loved each other (brb sobbing!). One thing we know for sure is this proposal is hard to beat. Gentleman, we advise you all to take notes! Who knew a surprise dance mob would be the sweetest proposal we’ve ever seen! Check out the proposal video below and see what all the hype is about, plus read DeAndré’s proposal plan in detail here! Don’t forget to grab tissues! You’re going to need them!

Video // Jeffrey Townsend, Chris Townsend, The Helium Factory

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