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Bridal Beauty Tips From Gloss Beauty Boutique

Beauty insight for the big day is on every bride’s mind, so we sat down with Austin wedding hair and makeup artist Mindy Orsak Fuller from Gloss Beauty Boutique to bring you the 411 on the latest bridal beauty tips and trends! Read on for her expert advice and a few helpful tricks to make sure you’re every bit the blushing bride on your wedding day!

Q. What advice do you have for a bride trying to find the right look for her day?

A. Resist the urge to jump straight on Pinterest and pin 1,000 vastly different images of hair and makeup! It is important to first consider a few important factors that will help guide your focus to the right looks.

First, pinpoint your personal style and how you are most comfortable. i.e. boho, classic, glam, modern, hair up or down, etc.

Secondly, you want to consider the style, location and time of day for your wedding. You want your beauty look to be cohesive with the overall feel of your wedding. For example, a more casual outdoor/afternoon wedding might pair best with a soft, natural makeup look and a braided hairstyle. Whereas a more dramatic eye or bold lip, paired with a polished updo would befit a more formal evening wedding.

Lastly, what is the style and cut of your wedding gown? Do you have a high neckline or heavily detailed top that you want to take center stage? An updo would allow your dress the spotlight. Or do you have a plunging back that you want to show off? A side swept do or partially secured half up/half down would work beautifully.

Use that information to guide your choices and then start pinning looks that fit the bill! If you are struggling to connect with a look, pin a few images that you know you want to avoid. Share this information with your artist at your consultation/trial and they will help to create the perfect bridal look just for you. Ultimately, the most important thing to remember, is that you want to look like the very best and most beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day!

Q. What are the current makeup trends for brides?

A. Full brows with youthful glowing skin, lightly flushed cheeks, and a fresh bitten lip are definitely top of the list and always perfection! We are also seeing and loving looks that focus on hi-liter and berry toned lip stains, especially with our upcoming fall brides. Our red lip looks are favoring orangey based reds, which is a stunning take on the classic look.

Q. What should brides do to prepare for their wedding?

A. Schedule an appointment with an esthetician and get on a proper skincare routine right away! It is very important to remember makeup needs a canvas. The more flawless and even your complexion is, the more flawless your makeup application will be! There is no makeup or product that can take the place of a personalized skincare regimen to combat any areas of concern. Regular facials along with the correct exfoliator, cleanser and moisturizer throughout the wedding planning process can improve texture, redness, fines lines, and help to control oil, dryness and break outs.

Keep your hair healthy and bridal ready by scheduling a trim at least every 12 weeks. No need to fret over those lost millimeters of length, rest assured it won’t affect your bridal style, but dry split ends sure could. Also discuss hair color with your artist and decide if you need to update or tweak your current color to help accentuate your bridal hair.


Q. What hair trends are brides loving these days?

A. Braids, buns and knots without a doubt! They are such versatile, effortless looks that have so many beautiful variations depending on the bride. Brides are asking for subtle fringe around the face with these styles to create soft, natural and relaxed looks. While we are also seeing a major comeback of the ever classic polished updo such as the chignon.

Q. What is the most important beauty product every bride should have?

A. It is always so hard to choose just one, but my absolute favorite product right now is Rodan+Fields Active Hydration Serum. It is clinically proven to instantly increase skins moisture level by 200%! It is also full of lots of other good things for your skins moisture as well, like hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, hydrating glycerin and ceramides. It is like a tall glass of water for your skin! And it leaves your skin looking smooth, dewy and glowing for up to eight hours.

Q. Any other insider tips you have for brides-to-be?

A. Make sure your artist airbrushes or gives a light application of foundation to your ears. Ears are typically a bit more red than your face by nature, especially when you might be emotional or shedding those happy tears. Doing so will ensure they blend into your makeup look seamlessly and save your photographer from unnecessary photo retouching.

Bring a can of medium hold hairspray to have on hand for the wedding and reception. Any time you step away to use the ladies room do a quick light hairspray refresh. Since hairspray breaks down and softens over time, especially with the friction that may come from all that hugging, a couple touchup sprays will ensure your hair looks flawless all day and night. It is also fabulous for fighting static in clingy dresses and keeping pollen from falling out of fresh flowers and onto your dress.