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Alex + Derek

Phots: Nick Bruner Photography


Alex + Derek

Grandma’s 80th Birthday Party became THE Proposal

I am a very type-A personality, and I have been in the event industry for about eight years, so I am a planner and love a great party. So, my family brought up the idea to “throw my grandmother an 80th birthday party” and make it fancy. I was all over it with decorations, linens, and flowers. Keep in mind this was towards the tail end of Covid peak in the fall of 2020. So why did I believe that we were throwing an elderly party during the pandemic? I guess you can say I’m an optimist or gullible. We set up the party at my parents’ house on our family’s ranch, mostly the day before “the party.” I came home early from work to get ready. My parents texted me wanting to take photos at the back of the ranch, my dad’s favorite thing when his daughters are all together before the party starts. So, we are driving up to our favorite photo spot, and I see the family with our photographer friend, an arch and candles (my mom’s idea, I’m sure), and our first dance song, “Millionaire by Chris Stapleton” playing in the background. Derek got down on one knee at one of the most meaningful places, my family’s ranch, where our future kids will be able to grow up and build our dream home. Cheers to the future with my high school sweetheart and ten years to finally ask the famous question.