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We’re Loving This Look at Wedding Trends for 2020

Textural florals, clean typography, intimate celebrations — we’ve got all the heart eyes for these trends! Ellen Westcott of Westcott Weddings is sharing some of the wedding trends for 2020 — and how you can incorporate them in way that you’ll still love decades from now! We’re loving her advice on what to do when you love a trend, but can’t make it work in your wedding — keep scrolling to read her awesome idea.

Photo // Shaun Menary Photography

What wedding trends are you seeing for 2020?

In general, a “less is more” approach that plays to the strengths of the space. (Although, we always work to create a couple high-impact moments —because everyone loves a good Instagram photo-op)!

  • A move back toward smaller, more intimate celebrations. 
  • Modern, textural florals with architectural details. 
  • Clean, typography-focused paper goods.

What advice do you have for adding trends to the wedding without being overly trendy?

Pick one or two statement moments to have some fun! You don’t have to design your whole day around a trend, but you can definitely find a way to nod to something trendy that you love. If something new pops up during the course of planning, sleep on it for a week or two before immediately adding it in. If you keep coming back to it, work with your planner/designer to find a seamless way to incorporate it into your existing design. (And if it just doesn’t make sense with your day-of design, pass it over to a friend or relative for a bridal shower, luncheon and/or your bachelorette party!) 

How can a bride ensure she’s designed a wedding that’s timeless without being boring?

Make it personal! Personal details are never boring, and I think they are what guests remember most. If you have a favorite meal or drink or style, work with it. If there’s something you love to do together or a phrase you use all the time, etc., play off of it. And, if your style reads more “timeless” vs. “trendy” in everyday life, then stick with it — you don’t have to jump on wedding trends just because you are planning a wedding. Your day should feel like you. 

Do you prefer more minimalist style or more dramatic flair?

Oh, this is a tough one! Can I love both? Although, I will say that my mantra (especially when it comes to floral, candles and tablescapes) tends to be “more is more.” 

If there were one detail or vignette every couple needs to highlight, what would it be?

I’m torn between two…

  1. The escort cards/table assignments are such a fun place to infuse some personality into your event. And they are usually one of the first things your guests see following the ceremony, so they can act as a great introduction to the party portion of the evening.
  2. Dessert! Dessert can end up looking like an afterthought, but with just a little something extra (floral, cake stands, signage, a backdrop, etc.), it can become a beautiful, fun focal point for your reception.

What part of the actual wedding styling is the planner a part of?

When I work with couples to design their day, I’m thinking through styling from the very beginning of the planning process. I help guide vendor and rental selection so that the design vision comes to life in the best way possible. On the day-of, I oversee setup and styling to ensure everything is photo and guest-ready. 

A special thank you to Ellen Westcott of Westcott Weddings for sharing her look at wedding trends for 2020. Contact Ellen directly through her Brides of Austin vendor profile to find out how she can help you plan your dream wedding.

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