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What to Know About Wedding Dress Shopping

Saying yes to the dress has never been easier! Our office manager, Madison, is sharing her tips on all things wedding dress shopping!

What would you say to a bride shopping for her wedding dress?

“My tips for shopping would be to start early, wedding dresses can take 12 to 16 weeks to come in! I would recommend just keep looking until you find exactly what you want, no matter how many stores you have to go to because you’re spending a lot of money on a dress and you need to make sure you feel good in it!”

What should I know about trying on wedding dresses? 

“I would go in with realistic expectations, not every dress is going to fit you great! The dress you had envisioned for yourself might not work with your body type. Just keep trying on different styles and you will find something that you like!”

Should I look for my accessories at the bridal shop?

“I would say put all thought of accessories out of your mind and focus on your dress!”

Who should I bring to shop with me? 

“I brought my mom and my sister to shop with me! I have always been someone who just kind of knows when something looks good on me and when it’s something that I love and would have no regrets about, so I felt like I didn’t really need a lot of other opinions or voices in the room when I was trying on dresses. But if you’re someone who really relies on your friends’ opinions, or you trust someone’s opinions specifically when it comes to fashion, and also someone who’s going to tell you the truth about what looks good and what doesn’t, I would say that you should definitely bring them with you.”

Happy shopping!

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