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All Your Basic Wedding Ceremony Etiquette Questions Answered

You’ve been to weddings, you’ve watched movies with weddings and viral wedding videos, but if you’re like most brides, your Google search history is still filled with questions about who sits where and walks out when. Enter wedding planning expert — Becky Navarro of Pearl Austin Events to give you expert insights on the basics of wedding ceremony etiquette. As the founder of Pearl Events Austin, she and her team provides customizable event planning services that are uniquely you, uniquely Austin.  Keep scrolling to hear her advice!

All Your Basic Wedding Ceremony Etiquette Questions Answered

Photo // SMS Photography

How long is a typical ceremony?

A typical ceremony is 20-30 minutes, unless you’re doing a catholic mass.

What’s the proper processional order? What about the recessional?

Processional order should be: grandparents of groom, grandparents of bride, parents of groom, parents of bride, officiant and groomsmen (if walking out together in one line), bridesmaids, ring bearer, flower girls, bride and dad/escort.

Recessional order should be: couple, wedding party (bridesmaids are escorted out by groomsmen), flower girl and ring bearer, if they are still standing at the ceremony, first row on the brides side, first row on the groom’s side.  Then, officiant releases the congregation. 

What are the rules for inviting children to weddings?

There is no official rule here. You pick!

Can I walk down the aisle to any song I want or should it be more traditional?

You do you! Unless you’re in a church. If you’re in a church some require certain songs.

Where should immediate family sit?

Immediate family is just that, immediate. Parents and grandparents sit on the first row. After that, I don’t recommend saving rows. Your aunts and cousins and godmother and great aunt… they will all find a place to sit. Tell them to come early. Don’t save too many rows because then no one sits there.

Should we write our own vows?

If you’re up for it, do it! 

Thank you to Becky Navarro of Pearl Events Austin for sharing her expertise with us! Visit her Brides of Austin vendor page to contact Becky directly for more information on getting help planning your dream wedding!

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