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Join Us on a Virtual Tour of Breathtaking Venue The Grand Lady Austin!

Austin is home to some seriously beautiful scenery but nothing quite compares to this stunning wedding venue where three families of designers came together to create a meaningful space just outside city limits where couples could come together to celebrate their love in a deeply meaningful way. Hidden on the eastern outskirts of Austin and already so iconic, The Grand Lady of Austin began hosting weddings in spring of 2020 and features a modern 250+ person event space. The mansion sits on expansive property, but it actually wasn’t always located where it stands now. Originally located in Bartlett, Texas, The Grand Lady later moved to her current home in Manor, Texas, where she now rests on nearly 20 acres and groves and groves of oak trees. Cared for by various families through each phase of her life, she serves as a truly grand backdrop for wedding celebrations big and small that embrace modern traditions of love, friendship and family. A small group of local architects and friends began the revival and transformation of the mansion and her setting in 2018 when they sought to create a unique and inspired space. In this renovation, they were able to retain the rich history of the venue while adding some modern touches that make it a perfect place to commemorate the poignant, meaningful celebrations of love that come with a wedding. We will let you explore the rest for yourself in this virtual tour of The Grand Lady down below! Cheers!

Featured Photo Courtesy of Kristin La Voie Photography

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