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Urban Outdoor Engagement Shoot


Sepeideh and Mario’s urban outdoor engagement shoot is full of joyful energy and their playful personalities. The couple who had never had professional photos taken were a bit nervous. However, Nikk Nguyen Photo made the process easy and comfortable for the couple, allowing them to be themselves. Sure enough, their personalities took over, and Sepeideh and Mario’s urban outdoor engagement shoot completely stole our hearts. Dancing down the streets of Austin while making each other laugh created photos that we know Sepeideh and Mario will cherish forever. Nikk Nguyen Photo chose an outdoor urban setting so the couple could forget their nerves and just enjoy the city of Austin. “Walking down the street, sitting in the park, and exploring the city – sometimes the simplest things create the most memorable moments,” and we couldn’t agree more with Nikk Nguyen Photo. Keeping things simple and having fun with the one you love always makes for the perfect photo. We can’t help but smile as we scroll through Sepeideh and Mario’s urban outdoor engagement shoot. The couple’s smiles are absolutely contagious, so keep scrolling to see more.


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