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Try Something New with Wedding Catering from The Peached Tortilla

by Jennifer Mathis

While most Austin residents are familiar the The Peached Tortilla restaurant, did you know The Peached Tortilla also offers wedding catering?! We recently sat down with owner Eric Silverstein to get all the deets on his diverse, Asian and Southern influenced catering menu. See below to have all our questions answered from where The Peached Tortilla started (spoiler alert – as a food truck!) to where they foresee wedding catering in the future. Enjoy this wealth of catering info!

How did The Peached Tortilla get its start? 

We started as a food truck in 2010.  Early on, I had an idea for a fast, casual taco concept but couldn’t raise the money for it. Instead of giving up on the idea, I decided to open up a food truck. The food truck business was picking up a ton of steam in Los Angeles, and I started following what the trucks were up to out there.  Our catering business was a natural progression of the food truck business.

What type of food does The Peached Tortilla specialize in? 

We specialize in Asian and Southern influenced cuisine. I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, so I grew up eating a lot of different Asian flavors.  My mom is Chinese, so she cooked a lot of traditional Chinese food at home. I moved to the South when I was 11, and that’s when I fell in love with Southern food.

What type of catering menus do you offer?  

We are a very versatile catering company. We offer our street food menu that our food trucks are known for. We also offer a variety of passed appetizers for cocktail hour. For dinner service, our modern comfort menu ranges from Korean braised short ribs to ginger salmon. We can serve our modern comfort menu plated, buffet style or my favorite – family style.  If our clients are interested, we can always do a portion of service off our food trucks for something unique and interactive.

What are the benefits of booking a local caterer?  

A good, local caterer hopefully has a following that your guests will recognize and already be familiar with. Additionally, local caterers know the lay of the land so to speak in terms of executing the event perfectly at your chosen venue. When local caterers are familiar with vendors and venues, the day of execution runs smooth.

What is your #1 suggestion for brides booking catering?

Don’t try and appease all of your guests. Serve the type of food that you think fits your wedding. If you’re having a fun, spunky Austin wedding, then make sure your food matches that.

What is your favorite wedding catering trend?  

I think it’s fun that more restaurants – like ourselves – are getting involved in wedding catering. I think the bar is rising in terms of what type of food is offered at events. Wedding catering does not need to be plain jane anymore, i.e. an overcooked steak with some compound butter and steamed vegetable medley.

Anything else brides should know about The Peached Tortilla?

Although we started as a food truck, we have really grown up since then as a catering company. Our catering menu is really diverse, and is moldable dependent on a bride’s vision.  I really believe our food is on par with the best that Austin has to offer.

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