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There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Flowers At Your Wedding

If you thought a wedding could ever have too many flowers, you thought wrong. From centerpieces to bouquets to decorative installations, Reiley + Rose has you covered in the best way possible. Kaitlyn and Joseph’s romantic, elegant wedding has all the lush floral inspiration a soon-to-be bride could want and more. Held at Hidden River Ranch, this couple’s big day is filled to the brim with things that glisten and things that bloom—two key factors in setting a romantic mood. Our favorite part of this event was the fully-stocked oyster bar by Royal Fig Catering, where guests could choose that their mussels be served on the half shell or deep-fried, and spice them up with all the oyster-eating essentials. This floral affair was one that surely dropped every jaw and turned every head! We wouldn’t change a thing. Cheers to Kaitlyn and Joseph!

“Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.” – John Harrigan

Photos // Nate & Grace Photography

From the bride: “The evening finished off with a last private dance for Joseph and I. We were both so glad we took that moment alone to soak up the room and everything that had just taken place in it. We really reflected on the day and could finally breathe with it just being the two of us. The room looked so magical with the candlelight and fireworks and all of the love we had felt all day really soaked in.”

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