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How to Make Your Wedding Day Even Sweeter with Sweet Treat Customizations from The Cupcake Bar

Are you looking for a sweet treat for your guests on the wedding day? We have found just the wedding vendor to add just a little extra sweetness and a whole lotta fun to your wedding reception! The Cupcake Bar specializes in all things sweet while allowing your guests to customize their dessert into a cute and delicious creation with their cupcake, doughnut and caramel apple bars (and really so much more – see below). Who doesn’t love options?! These desserts are a way for your guests to not only enjoy their treat, but also have a blast creating it too. Keep scrolling to read this super sweet Q&A with Lori Schneider of The Cupcake Bar!

the cupcake bar doughnut bar

Photos // Penelope L’amore Photography

1. Tell us a bit about how The Cupcake Bar got started!

The Cupcake Bar started in December of 2007, after a trip to NYC to try out all the cupcakes over 12 years ago. From there, with my experience in catering and the idea of customizing cupcakes at events, the idea evolved into The Cupcake Bar as we know it today! The whole idea of customizing cupcakes to order was something that sounded like so much fun to me, so why not try to see if people might like to do that at weddings and events? It turns out, they do! It’s been a blast to create this company and I am so grateful that the idea was accepted. We now have additional interactive dessert options like doughnuts, caramel apples and even whoopie pies!  I feel truly grateful that this is my job and career — it’s actually the sweetest!

2. What sorts of sweets do you offer for a couple on their wedding day?

Our goal is to bring sweet entertainment to the party on the couple’s big day!  We want to create a sweet, interactive dessert option that represents the couple – whether through a signature cupcake bar set up or a fun d’mores (donuts and s’mores, anyone?!) treat. It should give people something to laugh and smile about, while satisfying that end of meal sweet tooth.
While our name is The Cupcake Bar, we offer so many other options such as an interactive doughnut bar, doughnut wall, favor wall, roaming treats (that can double as a late night dance floor prop machine) or, whatever we can come up with for that couple. We want the dessert portion of their evening to be just as fun and interactive as the rest of their party! The best part is the guests get to choose their own unique combination of cake, filling, icing and toppings – it’s a win-win every time!

3. What is your most popular sweet option?

For weddings, our most popular option is our original service, The Cupcake Bar! That being said, our doughnut bars are super tasty as well. For fall, our caramel apple bars are definitely a hit. We also offer a range of other desserts like nitro popcorn, floating trays… really, the options are endless and no two setups are ever alike!

4. What is the benefit to doing a sweet treat setup rather than having cake for all your guests?

A benefit to hosting a sweet treat or bar setup is that each guest can create their own special dessert, unique to them!  It is both fun and entertaining, while tasty and amazing!  It’s a remarkable alternative that is also a crowd pleaser! The best part is that the smiles are endless — you can’t beat that!

5. What makes The Cupcake Bar‘s interactive pieces so fun for guests?

I think that people really get excited when they see something different and even more excited when they get to be a part of the experience! Customization is such a fun thing for people and they like to take ownership of their creation. It’s so fun to see how proud they are of their custom item or the smile that starts from the moment they walk up to the bar. I literally decided this should be it’s own business when I did the cupcake bar for the first time and I saw people’s smiles as they walked up to the bar.  If for a moment, we can totally makes someone’s day extra sweet — it’s a true honor for us!

6. Anything else you’d like to share with us?

We have been serving the Austin area for 11 plus years, and we do travel! Our end goal is to customize something for our couples, so let us know what your theme and vibe is and we will create something sweet and fun just for you!

A huge thanks to The Cupcake Bar‘s Lori Schneider for all the info on this yummy wedding treat customization! Looking to hire The Cupcake Bar for your wedding or event? Visit their profile on bridesofaustin.com.

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