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Style School | Determining the Right Wedding Size

Are you wanting a more intimate, personal affair or a grand celebration with all of your family and friends, plus some? With the terms microwedding and elopement coming to the forefront of the wedding scene in the past year, it can get confusing on just who and how many people are included within each size – and what even are the benefits of having one wedding size over the other? In hopes to clear up any uncertain guidelines when it comes to the size of your wedding, the experts at Eclipse Event Co. are here with all the details on determining the right wedding size for you and your spouse in the fifth lesson of our style school! Scroll to determine the right size for your big day with the help of Eclipse Event Co. and to read how they can help you with just that – cheers!

Photos // Becca Lea Photography

Style School | Determining the Right Wedding Size

What are the guest counts for these wedding sizes: elopement, micro, intimate, small, average and large?

Elopement: 2 + photographer 

Micro: 20 or fewer

Intimate: 21-50

Small: 51-100

Average: 101-175

Large: 175+

What are the benefits of each of the wedding sizes?

Elopement: There’s no distractions! You definitely will be able to be more present in the day since it’s just you and your fiancé. Also, it’s very affordable – outside of attire and grooming, all you need is a photographer and (optional) floral! 

Micro: This wedding size is for just your immediate friends and family! The must-haves are all there to witness your commitment to each other. It keeps the day very special.

Intimate: Intimate weddings allow you the benefit of having all of your closest friends and family present plus a few special guests! You can have everything you want in your wedding while also keeping the budget manageable. You won’t have to compromise, but you won’t have to overspend, either!

Small: This wedding size stretches your budget, but not by much, and allows you to focus on the priorities you and your fiancé have set forth. 

Average: Average sized weddings allow you the flexibility of filling most venues with an appropriate size guest count without squeezing too many in and without leaving gaping spaces of having too few guests! You also won’t have to spend a lot of extra money to fill the space with additional decor.

Large: No one misses out! 

How do you work with couples that have scaled up or scaled down their wedding size?

Typically, these days we are scaling down weddings to accommodate the guest count mandates associated with Covid-19. While we are still responsible for minimums and money already spent, we are able to add in more luxurious food options and upgrades, additional fun rentals and, of course, more flowers! 

A special thank you to Kristi Depew and Lauren Chumbley from Eclipse Event Co. for sharing their insight on different wedding sizes! Visit Eclipse Event Co.’s Brides of Austin vendor profile to see all the incredible services they offer for your celebration. Cheers!

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