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Rent It/Style It: Wedding Rentals from Birch & Brass Vintage Rentals

Create a setting guests won’t soon forget the one-of-a-kind wedding rentals found around the world from Birch & Brass Vintage Rentals! For a Bohemian vibe, lounge in an elegant fainting sofa complemented by a pair of Misty chairs and striking Turkish rugs. A perfectly placed cart adorned with gorgeous blooms by Petals, Ink lets guests grab a cocktail on the go! Rattan stools can happily hold sweet arrangements or be styled with patterned pillows and sheepskin throws for extra stylish and comfortable seating. Thank you Sophie Epton Photography for capturing every colorful vintage detail! To see more stunning details from this styled shoot, visit In This Issue online or flip to page 186 in the current issue of Brides of Austin Magazine!