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Preview the Watters, WTOO and Willowby Fall 2017 Collections

As one of the leaders of domestic bridal fashion, we look to Watters and it’s five brands to identify upcoming trends in wedding gowns. Today we’re sharing a look into the Watters, Wtoo, Willowby Watters and Wtoo Bridemaid all-new fall 2017 collections. Keep reading for info on each of these incredible lines and to see a few of our favorites from each collection. Cheers!

Watters “Serephim” Collection – “The ‘Seraphim’ collection by Watters, the company’s premier brand, takes flight with hand-selected laces, luxe organza, flowing chiffon and dramatic tulle. “Seraphim” reflects celestial and angelic beauty with echoing motifs throughout the designs and details on each gown in the collection. Opulent beading, metallic embroidery, hidden details and embellishments evoke the heavenly inspiration to create a collection that is both luxurious and contemporary.”

Shop Watters locally at Unbridaled and Serendipity Bridal.

Wtoo by Watters “Siren Song” Collection – “Wtoo by Watters’ newest collection, ‘Siren Song,’ is inspired by the mystery of the sea and musings over Hans Christian Andersen’s classic, ‘The Little Mermaid.’ Characterized by form-fitting silhouettes, flowing fabrics, beading, skin-baring elements and embroidery, this collection captures the depths, details and beautiful complexities that live both above and beneath the surface of the sea.”

Shop Wtoo locally at Serendipity Bridal.

Willowby Watters “Metamorphosis” Collection – “‘Metamorphosis,’ Willowby by Watters’ newest collection, is inspired by the transformative process of the butterfly and reinforces the distinctive, free-spirited nature the brand is best known for. Lightness, layers and luminescence characterize this collection, while thoughtfully-placed laces and fabrics reinvent traditional silhouettes and incorporate unique, fluttering details.”

Shop Willowby locally at Unbridaled.

Wtoo by Watters Bridesmaids “Autunno Veronese” Collection – “The Wtoo by Watters Social and Bridesmaids ‘Autunno Veronese’ Collection features classic silhouettes with modern twists.”

Shop Wtoo Bridesmaids locally at Julian Gold Bridal.