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Lauryn Martin & Devin Sweet


The dusty blue details in Lauryn and Devin’s wedding at Morgan Creek Barn Dripping Springs create a modern twist on a bohemian-style wedding. The couple met during their freshman year of college at North Carolina Central University. Since then, their life has entailed a whirlwind of long-distance as Lauryn finished grad school and Devin travels playing professional baseball. Therefore, Lauryn and Devin felt more than ready to get married and start their life together. Devin proposed to Lauryn while traveling to New Orleans with Lauryn’s family. Lauryn’s cousin suggested the couple take a gondola ride, which Lauryn thought nothing of. However, as the couple approached a bridge Lauryn turned around to Devin down on one knee, and a sign above them on the bridge read, “Will you marry me?”. Their families watched the proposal above on the bridge as Lauryn said “yes” to her best friend.

Lauryn and Devin’s wedding full of love and laughter was a long-awaited celebration for the couple. After postponing their wedding celebration due to Covid, the two were finally ready to tie the knot in front of family and friends. Seeing two years of planning come to life was a surreal moment for the couple. The heritage elements they included made Lauryn and Devin’s wedding day so special. For example, the couple jumped the broom. Lauryn explained, “Jumping the broom is an old tradition during slavery which signified that the couple married as they couldn’t do so during slavery.” In addition, Lauryn did a line dance with an umbrella her mom and aunt made, a New Orleans tradition. We love that they shared their culture and heritage with their guests! Finally, Alyssa Jarae Photography captured every beautiful moment and detail in Lauryn and Devin’s wedding. Don’t miss it! Keep scrolling!

Lauryn and Devin’s Favorite Wedding Memory:

From the Groom, “My favorite memory was seeing Lauryn for the first time as walked down the aisle. I remember feeling like I was in a movie. It felt like I was dreaming.”

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