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Kym Maxfield and Ben Martin’s Outdoor Boho Austin Wedding

Kym Maxfield and Ben Martin’s outdoor boho Austin wedding features shades of fuchsia, navy and ocher with bursts of orange and yellow that make this unique backyard party so much fun! Decor and rentals from Birch and Brass and lighting by Altared Weddings and Events set the perfect scene for this festive celebration.

Photos // Sophie Epton Photography

Kym and Ben were first introduced through a coworker. Ben just happened to be walking by while Kym was chatting, and soon after he was engaging in the conversation as well. They met up to talk the very next day and continued to meet and build their relationship. A few months later when Kym was searching to fill a position on her team, Ben applied and got the job. During the feedback session, he said he was okay not getting the job because he really just wanted a date with Kym!

After a hot Texas afternoon of playing golf, Kym came home to find Ben in the back yard getting ready for some pool time. Kym jumped in with him and soon after her dog, Van, jumped in to retrieve an unusual ball that was floating on the water. When Kym went to grab the ball from his mouth, she noticed it was a clear plastic ball that had a ring box inside! Filled with excitement, Kym wrestled Van for the ball, cracked it open to get the box out, and right then and there, Ben proposed!

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