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Take our Quiz — Engaged? Now Find Your Ideal Wedding Venue Type

So you’re engaged… Now, where to host that wedding? There are so many choices when it comes to local wedding venues that picking the right one may seem daunting, but the Brides of Austin team has your back! No matter if your style consists of modern museums, rustic ranch lodges or big, beautiful ballrooms, there is a local Austin venue made just for you, and we think this quiz will help you figure out where to start looking. 

Take our quiz below to discover which venue type is most true to your style, and happy wedding planning!

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Now that you’re engaged and know what type of venue suits your style best, browse our preferred local Austin venues here at ease, and so many other amazing vendors here – all from the comfort of your home. We know there is a venue out there that will satisfy your new-found criteria as well as go above and beyond your wildest wedding dreams. Cheers!

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