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How to Style the Perfect Place Setting

From dinner parties to weddings, the perfect place setting is a way to elevate your next soiree and transcend guests into a feeling of euphoria. When arranging the perfect place setting, Blue Sparrow Events has it covered. We’re talking all about creating a place setting that will add dimension and a sensory touch to your dinner table. Blue Sparrow Events also shows us how you can add personalization to your perfect place setting with stationery and messaging. If you’re looking to wow your guests at your next dinner party and create an Insta-worthy table, you don’t want to miss all the tips and tricks Blue Sparrow Events shares below.


Place Setting



What elements make a well-styled place setting?

A well-styled place setting includes texture, dimension, and layers. This can be accomplished through any number and combination of items. Mixing linen textures with paper goods, matte or glossy china, and even glassware can bring height, texture, and dimension to the look. When designing, we often evaluate how layered elements will contrast with one another and “push” or “pull” to make for a more dynamic look that’s as stunning in photos as in person for your guests.


Place Setting



What pieces should every place setting include?

The dinner plate, linen napkin, flatware, and water goblet are the standard key ingredients for a place setting. From there, the next piece I highly recommend adding is a menu card, which informs guests what’s for dinner and lends another avenue for your design theme to shine. Suppose you’re looking to go above and beyond with your place setting or possibly splurge on the head table. In that case, I recommend the addition of a modern placemat or charger, a wine glass and champagne flute, an upgraded dinner plate, and a fun-patterned salad plate. No matter how many pieces your place setting includes, a napkin fold that’s outside the ordinary can bring more interest to the design. It can be knotted, tied, or folded in many unique ways to compliment the entire ensemble. Make it your own; your place setting doesn’t have to look like everything else online!


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How can a couple personalize their guests’ place settings?

Personalizing the place setting can really be emphasized with stationery and messaging, from a menu card with on-theme fonts and colors to a custom place card for each guest at their seat. I love the idea of taking it one step further and writing a personalized note of gratitude to each guest. These little details polish off a place setting and can elevate your guests’ overall experience.


Place Setting


What details bring the wow factor to guests when they arrive at their seats?

It’s a culmination of *all* the details that can transcend guests into a feeling of euphoria. We take a sensory approach from a dimly lit ambiance with tons of warm flickering candlelight to the musical beats playing as guests enter the reception. When guests arrive at their table, they’re greeted with stunning florals, luxurious linens, elevated glassware, polished flatware, and that personalized stationery to make them feel cherished. Our secret ingredient to the cherry on top: is tableside wine service. It prepares guests’ for the delicious dinner to come and will make them feel treasured and upscale to be doted on by waitstaff.


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Describe this place setting.

For the place setting, we worked with Table Manners to bring in all the unique and fun pieces. We used different table linens and floral arrangements – one with a tall arrangement, candles, and linen; the other with a low arrangement and table runner. We kept both settings united with the same iridescent flatware and napkin and then switched up the charger and plates. The differences are subtle yet striking. The goal was to create two different looks for these two tablescapes to demonstrate how not everything has to look the same but can still be cohesive and beautiful.


Place Setting

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