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Holiday Gift Ideas from Local Vendors

This holiday season we’re bringing you the perfect gifts for the bride, future groom or newlyweds in your life! From glassware to sweet treats and even custom monogram goodies, we’ve got you covered. Check out each of these hand-picked items and find out where you can purchase these lovely goods!


  1. Gold Leaf Champagne Glasses from The Menagerie
  2. Glassbaby Candles from Paper Place
  3. Holiday Baking Box from June Box
  4. Cute Cards from Peach Paper + Design
  5. Sweet Treats from Tiny Pies
  6. Jon Hart Bag from Breed & Co.
  7. Recipe Cards by Beautifully Bevilled
  8. Monogrammed Blanket from Must Be Monogrammed
  9. Tasty Toffee from The Menagerie
  10. Annieglass Heart Bowls from Breed & Co.

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