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How to Hire a Wedding Bartender in Austin, TX 

Look no further for the best wedding bartender Austin has to offer! If you’ve put thought into the cuisine you’re serving at your wedding, you’ve probably also thought about the drinks that will be served alongside it. You might be imagining a fancy champagne station or a decadent coffee bar. About 92% of couples serve alcohol at their wedding celebration. You can keep it simple with beer and wine, or go all out with a full bar and specialty drinks. Instead of offering just regular and decaf coffee, some couples are also spoiling their guests with a full coffee bar. Think lattés and cappuccinos paired with your wedding cake and dessert bar! Read on as we walk you through your seemingly endless options for Austin mobile bartending.


Mobile Austin Wedding Bartender | Peak Beverage

Drinks: Peak Beverage | Photo: From the Hip Photo


Hiring a Wedding Bartender Austin, TX

When you start your search to hire a bartender in Austin, you’ll find licensed professionals who will make sure your guests have a good time. Not to mention many of them have some of the most adorable mobile bar setups you’ve ever seen! Are you looking to hire a wedding bartender in Austin, Texas? Be sure to read this brief guide on how to find the best options in Hill Country.


Do Prep Work Before You Look for Your Wedding Bartender in Austin

Before you start looking for a wedding bartender in Austin, you’ll need to nail down some basic wedding details. This includes knowing how many guests you’re serving. While you won’t know your exact guest count until six weeks or so before your wedding, having an approximate number is key. You’ll need about one bartender per 75 guests. This number depends on the type of service you’re hiring, whether it is light bar service or a full bar with signature cocktails. Too few bartenders will have your guests waiting in long lines.  


Have an idea of how many hours you’ll need to hire a bartender. Your wedding planner should be able to help you figure out this number, or provide you with an itinerary to give you a rough idea. The number of hours needed will factor into your wedding budget as well. Don’t forget to talk with your venue about their policies and restrictions when it comes to alcohol. You’ll want to know if you’re able to bring in your own alcohol, or if it needs to be purchased through the venue (this is often the case with wineries). 


Don’t forget that most wedding caterers in Austin also provide bar service, so consult your catering company to discuss bartending services to cut down on your vendor list!


Book a Licensed Wedding Bartender in Austin

It is likely required by your venue that your bartender have a license and insurance that is up to date. Ask your planner or venue about the laws for serving alcohol in your state. While your old college roommate might pour a mean drink, it’s unlikely they will be able to legally serve as a bartender at your wedding. A licensed wedding bartender in Austin, TX will keep things running smoothly throughout the evening. They won’t overpour and can tactfully decline drinks to anyone who’s had a little too much. 


Explore licensed ATX wedding caterers and bartenders in Austin.  


Hire an Austin Bartender with Unique Services

Alcohol options can go beyond beer, wine, and mixed drinks. Look for vendors with unique services that will get your guests talking. Along with offering signature cocktails special to you and your future spouse, look into other options outside of the box. 


Get Price Quotes

Bartending pricing can vary based on the package you choose and if the vendor is providing the alcohol. Remember that going for the lowest price isn’t always the best. Find a vendor who will provide quality service and stay within your budget. Also, be mindful of add-ons. You may fall in love with photos on a vendor’s website of a decked-out mobile bar with lots of signage and various drink options. Some of those elements might cost extra. Ask about different packages and which services come with an additional fee. 


When you’re doing price comparisons, there are a few questions you need to ask: 

  • Is alcohol included, or do you need to purchase your own?
  • What is the hourly rate?
  • What is the cost for beer and wine, for only mixed drinks, or for a full bar?
  • Do you need to provide ice or is it provided by the bartender?
  • Is glassware provided?


Mobile Bartender Austin Décor Ideas

Mobile bartenders will have different carts and setups. Along with choosing a bartender that fits within your budget and offers the services you’re looking for. Pay attention to the type of setup they feature. 


Austin Mobile Wedding Bartending by Champagne Supply Co.

Mobile Bartending: Champagne Supply Co. | Photo: Alicia Lucia Photography


You might want an upscale bar with lots of florals that compliments your wedding colors. Or a three-wheeled vintage delivery truck like that from Champagne Supply Co. might be more your style. 


Mobile bars can come with various lighting options, drapery, or even a balloon arch. Ask your mobile bartender in Austin about their available décor options. It is likely an add-on, but worth it if it’s in your budget. 


Coffee Catering Austin

When it comes to bartending services, it’s not limited to alcohol. More and more couples are including elaborate coffee stations as part of their special day! This is more than just your average cup of Joe. 


Start Your Search for a Wedding Bartender in Austin, TX

There are so many reasons to hire a bartender in Austin for your wedding. Whether you go for an open bar with fancy signature cocktails or a bold espresso or coffee station with rich flavors. If you are looking to hire a bartender or any other wedding service in Austin, check out our amazing list of ATX wedding caterers and bartenders to build your wedding dream team. 

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