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A Beginner’s Guide to Selecting Wedding Flowers

There’s a lot to consider when picking your wedding flowers, so we’ve enlisted an expert to help you successfully start the process. Using her European and South American background for inspiration, Marcela Bogado, founder and creative director at Malleret Designs, loves bringing unique and effortlessly elegant designs to life for her clients around the world. And today, she’s talking all things floral from what “in season” means to the most popular blooms!

A Beginner's Guide to Selecting Wedding Flowers

Photo // Angela King Photography

Any advice for brides selecting their blooms?

I first like to discuss what are their favorite blooms and if their favorite blooms are important to their design concept, then I encourage the design to include them. Secondarily, it is always good to ask the question what blooms or colors does the bride or client not enjoy. By asking these questions and then broadening the discussion to include vision, style and overall design “look” the conversation about textures and varietals ultimately is easier to establish decisions.

Tell us about “in season.” Why can’t couples have any flower at any time of year?

In today’s world, if the client wants a particular bloom and that is important to them, there really aren’t that many constraints around obtaining it; however, it is important to note, that there are incremental charges from the grower, to the negociante, to the freight and wherever in the world the floral is sourced. 

When are the most sought after blooms in season?

Spring here in North America! Why? Because peony and ranunculus, tulips, roses and all the flowering branches come to life in our part of the world.

What are your favorite blooms to incorporate into your arrangements?

Here at Malleret Designs, because my aesthetic is more European and I am from Argentina, my sensibilities tend to lean toward simplicity and luxury. Drumroll — I love the dramatic focal point a Phalaenopsis bloom can create. Secondarily, I really enjoy adding garden roses because they wake up the senses.

What are the most popular wedding flowers? And do you suggest including those?

I have found the most popular here in this region (and I mention “region” because my team travels) are of course peony and garden roses. It is an overall desire by most brides to have one or the other because the blooms are so showy and the scent of the bloom is romantic. During any consultation if those blooms are what the client desires, of course, we want to include those blooms that fulfill that romantic vision.

A very special thank you to Marcela Bogado of Malleret Designs for sharing her expertise on all things floral! Visit her Brides of Austin vendor page today to find out how you can get her help creating for your big day.

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