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Focused Fête | How to Prioritize Your Wedding Vendor List

Every couple planning their wedding has a different focus when it comes to their special day. Some want a flawless design with cohesive elements at every turn. Others want a truly unforgettable experience for their guests – perhaps a feast they’ll always remember! Or maybe you’re the couple who just wants the day to go smoothly and make each guest feel special. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it, but prioritizing your desires for your big day is important! Keeping your essentials top of mind can help you figure out how to budget wisely and where the bulk of your funds should go.

Not sure where your priorities might lie? Read on to discover which elements mean the most to you and how to prioritize those precious dollars to bring your dream vision to life.

The Focus: Over the Top Design

If your wedding day vision includes a space where every last detail is designed to the nines and executed flawlessly, these visual elements should be your focus. Rentals and decor to set the stage, magnificent florals accenting each and every space and gorgeous stationery that beautifully communicates your style.

Floral + Design

Focused Fête | How to Prioritize Your Wedding Vendor List

Floral: Remi + Gold

Invest in a florist who is passionate about crafting and creating beautiful, memorable, one-of-a-kind events. Floral design is truly an art, and a talented floral artist has the power to elevate every part of your day with life — giving texture, color and whimsy.

Photo: Sophie Epton Photography // Also Pictured: Brazos Hall, McCall Quinn Events




Decor + Rentals: Loot Rentals

Rentals are the way you transform your venue into a space that truly feels like YOU. Trust a team of experts to help you pick the perfect pieces to bring your vibe to life. Spaces for guests to gather and lounge, an eye-catching seating chart, vintage finds or a grand tent – these elements can set your day apart from the rest.

Photo: Rusty Wright, The Waldron Photograph Co. // Also Pictured: The Contemporary Austin – Laguna Gloria, Bricolage Curated Florals, Premiere Events, Bird Dog Wedding




Calligraphy: Owl & Envelope

Your stationery should be as unique as you and your partner. It’s a wonderful way to help tell your story. Remember, stationery goes beyond just invitations. Calligraphy and signage, programs, small printed details – a professional stationery designer can design cohesive elements that both wow your guests and feel like YOU.

Photo: We The Romantics by Jess & Angel Morales // Also Pictured: XO Moreau Weddings, Kismet Flowers, Mercury Hall


The Focus: Crowd Pleasers

With all of your loved ones gathered together at once, there’s no better time to celebrate with the people who mean the most to you. Want to ensure an event that they’ll be talking about for years to come? Prioritizing these three elements means prioritizing the fun and giving your guests an experience they’ll remember long after the night comes to an end.



Entertainment: Plush Party Band

Bring the energy and ensure the dance floor stays hopping all night long: a rocking band with a dynamic repertoire is just the ticket! You’ll want a band that can entertain guests of all ages with a variety of genres and songs up their sleeve, performed by high-powered talent. You and your guests will have the time of your lives!

Photo: Feather & Twine // Also Pictured: The Allan House, Highland Avenue Events




Bartending: Drink Slingers

Go beyond just beer and wine with an elevated bar experience for your guests. From personalized signature cocktails and drink menus to friendly mixologists who are as personable as they are professional, a custom beverage bar is always a crowd-pleasing favorite. Make it a double, please!

Photo: Rachel Owens Photography // Also Pictured: Lauren Field Design, Premiere Events, The Woodbine Mansion


Photo Booth


Photo Booth: Vannagram & Co.

Take your party to the next level with a self-contained photo booth where guests can pick their props, smile for the camera and get their high-quality photos printed right on the spot. Today’s modern photo booths offer instant prints and instant social media uploading, along with fun filters and snazzy backdrops you can tailor to mirror the style of your unique wedding. Guests will have a blast creating their own special take-home memories from your night!

Photo: Nikk Nguyen Photo // Also Pictured: Hair by Kelsie, By Laura Martinez, Capra and Cavelli, Blue Bridal Boutique, Made with Love Bridal,  Jacoby’s


The Focus: Off Without a Hitch

Perhaps it’s simply enjoying the moment that’s most important to you. Taking it all in, not worrying about a thing, just focusing on the love of your life and the love that surrounds you both. If that sounds like your dream day, we’ve got the team for you!



Wedding Planner: Events by Leslie

Planning a wedding should never be a stressful experience, and neither should your special day! You only get to experience this day once, so leave it to the experts to worry about logistics and all the little details that will make the day go smoothly. The memories you make on your wedding day will last a lifetime, and a professional planner can help make sure those memories are positively precious.

Photo: Nikk Nguyen Photo // Also Pictured: Loot Rentals, Owl & Envelope, Wildly Cultivated Floral Design, UnbridaledLUSTREbella, Star Hill Ranch, Goorin Bros, Shaesby, Bonobos


Pet Attendant


Pet Attendant: The Pet Gal

Your pets are a big part of your life, and there’s no reason they can’t be part of your wedding. No need to stress over leashes, walks and bathroom breaks on your big day: that’s where a pet attendant comes in. Handling the needs of your guests of honor, chauffeuring your pets to and from the wedding, as well as, working with your planner and photographer to make sure they’re included in the most special moments. Lots of tail wagging, indeed!

Photo: Feather & Twine // Also Pictured: Clementine Botanical Art, Wild Sky Events, Brazos Hall, Alon Livne




DJ: Byrne Rock Mobile DJ

More than simply playing your favorite genre of tunes, a pro DJ will be the one handling all things sound-related and setting the tone as emcee for the night. You never want someone who turns the focus away from where it should be, or worse, makes for an awkwardly silent dance floor. Trust us: an experienced, talented DJ can give you a flawlessly fun reception you’ll never forget!

Photo: Rob August // Also Pictured: Your Wedding, Your Way • Prospect House • Black Orchid Salon


The Focus: For the Foodies

Calling all foodies! If a love for food that speaks to your soul is almost as serious as your love for your soulmate, your wedding is the perfect time to enjoy one unforgettable meal and to treat your guests to that experience, too! Think outside the box with edible elements that are as unique as they are tasty.



Cake: Cakes Couture

A cake that’s as stunning as it is scrumptious? That’s the icing on top of a truly special night. Your wedding cake is another chance to give a peek into who you are as a couple – think multiple flavors symbolizing your personalities, a cake design that tells a story and an inviting, dazzling dessert display that lets guests treat themselves to something as sweet as the love they’re witnessing!

Photo: Love Sparks Photo Co. // Also Pictured: Rhodes Ranch, Rustic Romance Rentals




Catering: Grazeology Grazing Tables

A catered meal never has to be boring, and neither do the appetizers! Food is an art, and the dishes served at your wedding are another chance to reflect your style as a couple. Elevate the entire dinnertime hour with a grand grazing table full of color, flavor and fun!

Photo: Joshua and Parisa // Also Pictured: Sanctuary Event Space, Perfectly Uncommon Weddings




Dessert Favors: Bonjour Brigadeiro Handcrafted Chocolate & Treats

A favor to take home gives guests one last memory of your amazing night. Let that last impression be a sweet one! Bid farewell to your guests and share your thanks for their support as you send them home with something impeccably delicious.

Photo: Valerie Thompson Photography // Also Pictured: Momentous WED, Table Manners, Prospect House


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