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Five Tips for the Perfect Wedding Photos from Dustin Meyer Photography

Make sure you capture all the amazing details and special moments that happen on your wedding day with these helpful tips from Austin wedding photographer Dustin Meyer Photography! With all the excitement going on, it’s hard to know exactly how to keep things running smoothly. Check out these tips below from a local pro!

  1. Make a Complete Shot List

dustin meyer photography

They always say details are key to getting good pictures, and when working with wedding photographers, this can’t be more true. Along with a list of your favorite details and other wedding traditions, photographers also need important info on the more technical stuff. Such as the names of your close relatives and extended family members. When it comes to the family formals shot list, make sure to include the individual names of your family. The groom’s brother won’t be accustomed to the title “Brother of the Groom.” So when the photographer calls him by name, he’ll be sure to know it’s his turn to be photographed.

2. First Look Photos

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It’s hard to break with tradition, but today’s modern bride has more options available when it comes to modern wedding photography. Choosing to do a First Look before the ceremony is a special experience to cherish. Enjoying one another’s company before the arrival of relatives and friends creates an intimate moment that belongs to you both. Your makeup and hair are fresh, the wedding gown is immaculate and his tuxedo is clean and pressed. There’s no one around to prevent the two of you from enjoying a few moments alone. Allowing the wedding photographer along to capture this special moment helps you avoid the stress of post-ceremony family formal shots, getting amazing pictures with just the two of you looking your best.

3. Clean Up After Yourself

Dustin Meyer

It may sound trivial, but keeping a clean room helps reduce pre-wedding day jitters. Having a presentable room before the photographer arrives seems harder than it sounds. While your professional hair and makeup artist makes you look beautiful, having the dresses, shoes, jewelry and more scattered about can get a little hectic. The clutter piles up and everything quickly falls into disarray. Treat your photographer like you would when your parents dropped in on you in college. Keep it tidy so everyone knows where your wedding details can be found. This way, your wedding photographer can easily find your wedding shoes, bridal gown, earrings, wedding rings, and more. Having an organized room not only makes it easier on you and your photographer, your getting-ready photos will look incredible without the clutter.

4. Get a Closer Shave


Ok, guys. This one’s for you. Razor burn and shaving bumps can be an instant photo killer. Irritated skin from shaving is caused by a number of reasons. But there is a solution to preventing an abused face. Use a sharp razor that’s clean and fresh out of the package. Also, shaving butter is face lifesaver. Unlike shaving gel or foam, shave butter allows you to see your skin while you take care of those prickly hairs. Many types of shaving butter include moisturizers that fight irritation. And shaving in the shower is a great way to get your skin ready for your razor. “They don’t make them like they used to” has never been more true when it comes to old fashioned shaving blades. Doubled edge razors provide a much cleaner and closer shave with fewer bumps and irritation. Make sure you practice a few times before the big day and your handsome face will look its best. This will add just the right amount of irresistibility for your blushing bride. And what groom doesn’t want that?

5. Hire a Wedding Planner


Last but not least, hiring a wedding planner can help make your wedding day less stressful and more memorable. Mothers may want to take on the role, but there’s nothing like knowing that a true professional planner’s got your back. They’ll help your wedding vendors by keeping other things from getting in the way of their jobs, while mom can enjoy your wedding day. By allowing your wedding photographer to capturing those special moments, your wedding planner can provide you with helpful tips that add a personal touch to your wedding day photos. There’s nothing like a little uplighting, or finding the perfect wedding florist to enhance your pictures. An event coordinator’s job is to help give photographers what they need to create gorgeous photos that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime!