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Ethereal Music Inspired Wedding Walkthrough with Bespoke Events

We just love to hear all about the ins-and-outs of the wedding planning process, and Austin wedding planner Lindsay Meier of Bespoke Events shared her insider tips and notes on the details she styled for Adele and John’s ethereal music inspired wedding in today’s Wedding Walkthrough. It was so important that the day reflected who they are as a couple, so two of the most important elements were the entertainment and cuisine! Read on to get to know this exceptional local planner and how she designed their day.

Photos // Sophie Epton Photography

Ethereal Music Inspired Wedding Walkthrough with Bespoke Events

From the planner: “Part of what I love so much about designing weddings is that every client’s style and vision is unique, and it challenges us to be innovative and creative in order to create a wedding that truly reflects our clients. I love the variety in what we do! There are definitely stylistic characteristics that are evident in our work though, like our tendency towards organic florals and clean lines.”

“We incorporated hues of dusty blue and lots of greenery to add to the existing beautiful white space. The ceremony was outside near the pond and the reception was inside, so we had the best of both worlds!”

“For cocktail hour, The Waters band played a Fleetwood Mac cover set, wrapping up with the couple’s favorite song ‘Everywhere’ as they were introduced. To thread that theme through the guest experience, we worked with Averi with an Eye to create a custom guest seating display made up of keychains with the lyric ‘want to be with you everywhere’ a nod to their favorite Fleetwood Mac song and a play on keeping your keys with you!”

“Adele loves a bit of an eclectic flair, so we blended subtle bohemian touches like the vintage kilim rugs as aisle decor, and Parisian bistro chairs to keep things from feeling too traditional, while still feeling elegant. I think it’s very possible to mix styles, so long as it’s done with intention.”

“It was so important that the day reflected Adele and John. Early on, it was clear that the two most important elements to them were music and food, so we put a large emphasis on those elements.”

From the bride: “Our wedding was the best night of our lives. Having our favorite people together in one place to eat our favorite foods and listen to our favorite music was surreal. I’m so grateful for how it all turned out.”

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