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Capture Your Forever-Kinda Love with These Expert Engagement Session Tips

Light, airy, romantic and warm… basically all the good adjectives could be used to describe Lauren Bosse Photography! She will quickly become your friend and favorite photographer muse as she is so passionate about all things love and making you feel relaxed and excited in front of the camera. We know the rush of excitement from the proposal can leave you overwhelmed trying to get everything in place for your engagement session. Whether you’re a perfectionist bride or a go-with-the-flow gal, these engagement session tips will ensure you are extra prepared and end up with photos you are in love with. Not to mention, Lauren Bosse has all the details covered so you can spend some extra quality time with your fiancé before tying the knot! Cheers to celebrating forever love!

Capture Your Forever-Kinda Love with These Expert Engagement Session Tips

Photo // Lauren Bosse Photography

Where are your favorite places to shoot engagement sessions?

My favorite place to shoot engagement pictures is at a property that has special meaning to the couple! Whether that’s their family land or the place they first met or the place they got engaged, I love photographing them in a place that holds a special place in their heart!

What should couples wear for their engagement photos?

I always tell my couples to bring one nice outfit and one more casual outfit. I feel like we don’t get enough chances to dress up, throw on that dress or sequined ballgown you’ve been dying to wear and lay out a nice suit for your fiancé! It will make you both feel like a million bucks, and you’ll have priceless photos you’ll love to look back on. Long, flowy dresses and skirts look amazing on camera because they bring extra movement to the photos. Especially when juxtaposed with nature, like the desert, forest, plains or beach. Men look most striking in a well-tailored suit. If he doesn’t have one, now’s the perfect time to invest in something he’ll wear for the rest of his life! The best part? It’s a lot less expensive than you might think! The casual outfit is great for those movement pictures like skipping, piggy back rides or carrying your future bride away into the distance. And the nice outfit is great for the more posed, elegant, timeless portraits!

Should a bride do her own hair and makeup or have it professionally done for engagement photos?

These are very special photos you’ll be taking with your fiancé, and if you feel like a million bucks, it will show! Professional hair and makeup is high on brides checklists because it looks amazing and removes the stress of having to do it on your own. From lash extensions to blown-out hair, professional hair and makeup will give you an extra boost of confidence in front of the camera, and it always photographs like a dream. If you’re working with a makeup artist, have her apply your makeup in natural light, if possible, so that it looks fresh and not too heavy. Plus, that’s the type of light we’ll be shooting in, so it’ll give you the best expectation of how it will translate on camera.

How do you get the groom (or bride!) comfortable in front of the camera?

Most men aren’t overly excited to get dressed up and take pictures for hours, because they don’t have an expectation of what’s to come and why it’s so important to you. Take fifteen minutes to educate and empower your guy. Tell him why you chose me and my style of photography. Show him your three favorite sessions that I’ve done, explain why you love them and express to him how much it means to you. Trust me, once he knows it’s important, he’ll light up the camera for you!

Are you for or against having the couple’s furry fam on set?

I absolutely love having animals in your photos! They can add a lot of fun to your pictures and make great memories, as long as they are cooperating! If your pet isn’t wanting to listen that day, we usually take a few with them in the beginning and then let them watch from a distance for the duration of the session!

What can a couple do or bring to make the shoot uniquely them?

Want your engagement session to look a little more editorial? Bring a little extra something with you! A freshly-picked bouquet for you to hold or fresh flowers to put on something else, like a bicycle basket, tree swing, picnic basket, car bumper or rowboat, is a fun way to bring a little extra romance to everyday objects. Whether it’s larger items like classic cars, or smaller ones like blankets or hats, even incorporating just one extra styled item could be a fun way to make your session more unique.

We’re feeling totally prepared to grab our SO and jump in front of the camera now! Want to connect with Lauren Bosse yourself? Drop her a line on her vendor profile.

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