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Dessert Envy: Wedding Treats from Austin’s Sweets Mavens

We love a good wedding cake any day of the week, but if you’re looking for a unique treat for your big day, these sugary sweets are sure to bring dessert envy, in the best way! From pies to meringues, chocolates to macarons and everything in between, these delectable desserts are simply perfection! Scroll through to see mouthwatering wedding treats and dessert ideas from Austin’s top wedding bakers and confectioners, and catch all of these decadent treats on page 18 of the Spring/Summer 2018 issue of Brides of Austin!

austin wedding treats dessert cake bakers dessert envy

The Cupcake Bar – With the help of a “cupcake bartender” in attendance at your event, The Cupcake Bar takes DIY candy bars to a whole new level. Guests are able to assemble their own custom treat, starting with their favorite cake flavor and adding icing and toppings to their precise delight! Roaming bar trays filled with colorful candy, assorted sweets and treat bags to carry home ensure your guests will be talking about these desserts for days to come!

Photos: Kelly Rucker Photography

austin wedding dessert cake bakers dessert envy

Maggie Louise Confections – Gourmet, designer chocolate treats from Maggie Louise Confections are the perfect way to ask your bridesmaids to stand by your side and a memorable treat to send home with your wedding guests! There’s nothing like couture candies in Texas-inspired shapes to bring a sweet touch of personality and nostalgia to your wedding day desserts.

austin wedding dessert cake bakers dessert envy

Tiny Pies – Tiny Pies is what dessert dreams are made of, and their classic flavors like Dutchy’s Apple, Sweet Texas Pecan and Pear Cranbear mean there’s a treat everyone will love! Available in sizes ranging from Teeny, Tiny to Not-So-Tiny, these pies are made from the highest quality ingredients and add the perfect touch to any wedding-related soirée!

Photos: Jody Horton Photography

austin wedding dessert cake bakers dessert envy

Woops! Bakeshop – The motto of Woops! Bakeshop is “Unmistakably Delicious,” and we can see why! Woops! specializes in gourmet French macarons, a delicately delicious sweet treat that can be presented in a colorful pyramid, printed with a custom message or added to personalized wedding favor boxes. Either way, we’ll take several!

austin wedding dessert cake bakers dessert envy

Fluff Meringues & More – If you think meringues are too light to work as a dessert on their own, think again! These “clouds from heaven” courtesy of Fluff Meringues & More are beloved by brides all over Texas. Choose from classic, hand-dipped or bespoke drops to complete your big day in the sweetest way!

Photo: Al Gawlik Photography

austin wedding dessert cake bakers dessert envy

Powder Sugar Room – Can’t decide which dessert is your favorite? We can’t blame you! Powder Sugar Room solves that problem with custom-curated dessert bars that can include just about any confection you could dream of! They specialize in cakes, candies, macarons, Croquembouche, sweet beverages and custom chocolates. We’ll take one of each, please!

Photo: Shy Laurel Photography

Gourdough’s Public House – Looking for something a little more savory for your dessert menu? Gourdough’s Public House creates delectable gourmet doughnuts with the most decadent of toppings: anything from strawberries and cream cheese or bananas foster to a maple glaze with bacon or chicken tenders and gravy! Their sweet and savory combos will have your guests talking, for sure!

Photo: Robert Bradshaw

Is your mouth watering yet? Head over to our dessert category page for more info on these talented vendors!

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